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    CMakeParseArguments: Remove superfluous includes of CMakeParseArguments · 88b40744
    Kyle Edwards authored
    Because cmake_parse_arguments() has been implemented as a native
    command, there is no need to include(CMakeParseArguments) anymore.
    Its inclusion has been removed from several CMake modules.
    Tests/CMakeOnly/CMakeLists.txt has been changed to include the
    *building* CMake's copy of CMakeParseArguments rather than the
    *built* CMake's copy. This file included the *built* copy because
    when this file was introduced, CMake could still be built with versions
    that didn't supply cmake_parse_arguments(). Now, CMake requires 3.1 or
    greater, where cmake_parse_arguments() existed but was still in the
    form of a module, so we include it from the *building* CMake.
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