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    CMakeForceCompiler: Deprecate this module and its macros · ed77504d
    Brad King authored
    This module was added by commit v2.6.0~1489 (...supporting embedded
    compilers..., 2007-07-02) to avoid needing to build the compiler id
    detection source on toolchains that need special flags or linker files
    to produce executables.  Since then CMake has learned other ways to
    identify such compilers (e.g. passing vendor-specific version flags and
    checking for vendor-specific banners in the output).  Furthermore, CMake
    now detects a lot more than just the compiler id during language
    initialization in order to support things like <LANG>_STANDARD and
    COMPILE_FEATURES.  Therefore CMakeForceCompiler is no longer a viable
    approach because it skips such detection.
    One remaining challenge to support toolchains that require special
    linker files is to build the test for a working compiler, compiler ABI
    detection binary, and other try_compile cases.  This will have to be
    worked out as such cases are encountered.
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