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    Haiku: Several fixes to platform module · 7ebc1cb2
    Adrien Destugues authored
    * Do not define BEOS anymore (this includes workarounds which we don't
      need most of the time in Haiku, so we prefer opt-in IF(HAIKU) in the
      cmake files instead).
    * On the other hand, do define UNIX (we are trying to be compliant) and
      HAIKU (there is still a number of things we don't do like the
      average UNIX clone)
    * Do not use UnixPaths, as our filesystem hierarchy isn't anything like
      what it expects.
    * Do not use -nostart, which the compiler doesn't know about anymore.
      This used to be an Haiku extension to gcc, and is equivalent to
      -shared which is the default gcc option.
    * While "dl" functions are provided in libroot, this is always
      implicitly linked so there is no need to tell cmake about it.
    * Forcing position-independent code is not needed, so remove it.
    * On the other hand, include appropriate linker options for executables
      and shared libraries.
    * Support for the two available compilers in Haiku (gcc2 and gcc4) and
      pick the right headers and libraries according to the currently
      selected one.
    * With the adoption of the package manager, the directory layout was
      changed. Tell cmake where to look for header files and libraries.
    * As we don't define BEOS anymore, enable the workaround we still need
      for HAIKU as well. This is the lack of a libm (it is part of the
      implicitly linked in libroot)
    Applied-by: Rolf Eike Beer's avatarRolf Eike Beer <eike@sf-mail.de>
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