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    Tests: Nudge MFC test to pass on VS 6 dashboards (#11213) · 537020f9
    David Cole authored
    InstallRequiredSystemLibraries does not install any dlls when
    used with VS 6 dashboards. Modify the ValidateBuild script to
    expect only 1 file when building with VS 6.
    Using "-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<INSTALL_DIR>" does not work when
    <INSTALL_DIR> evaluates to a long enough string. However, using
    "-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX:PATH=<INSTALL_DIR>" does work, even with
    the longer strings. So: make sure to include the ":PATH" when using
    this construct with ExternalProject calls so that they may install
    to the proper location on VS 6 builds. All existing calls that match
    "CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.*INSTALL_DIR" include the ":PATH" after this
    By the way: https://twitter.com/DLRdave/status/134339505397309440
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