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    FindBLAS: Choose MKL arch based on BLA_VENDOR · 89ab54c1
    Jakub Benda authored
    Recently, FindBLAS has been extended with additional library search
    path based on the environment variable MKLROOT. However, the choice
    of the Intel MKL architecture (IA-32 vs Intel64) was based on
    unrelated (and possibly undefined) size of integer.
    This commit changes the selection of the Intel MKL architecture to
    instead consider the variable BLA_VENDOR, if available.
    So, if the environment variable MKLROOT is defined and
    BLA_VENDOR=Intel10_32, then $ENV{MKLROOT}/lib/ia32_<OS> will be added
    to the search path (OS = lin, win, or mac).
    Similarly, if MKLROOT is defined and BLA_VENDOR=Intel10_64lp or
    BLA_VENDOR=Intel10_64ilp, then the path $ENV{MKLROOT}/intel64_<OS>
    will be used.
    If either MKLROOT or BLA_VENDOR is undefined, no additional search
    path on top of LD_LIBRARY_PATH / DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH / LIB is be added.
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