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    Do not query CDash for version · d3633731
    Zack Galbreath authored
    This check was not functioning properly for the following reasons:
    * The "DropSite" and "DropLocation" CTest Configurations do not
    get set until ctest_submit() is called.  So if ctest_submit()
    was not called before ctest_test() we would end up with uncompressed
    output, even if the CDash server was new enough to support this feature.
    * CDash's API is now versioned. The current location to query is
    now /api/v1/getversion.php, not /api/getversion.php.
    As a result of these issues, CTest would not compress test/memcheck
    output when it should.  Rather than fix this check, we now assume that
    CTest is communicating with a new enough version of CDash.  This behavior
    can be controlled through the use of the --no-compress-output command-line
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