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    Graphviz: added test suite, fixes, enhancements · 55365839
    Corentin Plouët authored
    * Added a fairly comprehensive test suite
    * Separated the graph traversal logic from the Graphviz generation
      code by introducing a new class, cmLinkItemsGraphVisitor{.h,cxx}
    * Made the graph traversal logic less ad-hoc by using existing
      methods in the GlobalGenerator; this fixed a few bugs
    * Added support for new target types: custom targets, object
      and unknown libraries
    * Improved support for ALIAS libraries by showing the alias(es)
      in the graph
    * Introduced new flags to control those new libraries (consistent
      with existing flags)
    * Updated the documentation
    * Removed useless setting to set graph type in dot file
    * Improved the node/edge shapes (nicer, more consistent)
    * Added a legend to the graph
    * Some refactoring and cleanup of the Graphviz generation code
    * Added test and fix for issue 19746
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