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    Merge topic 'update-libarchive' · 5a5c32e1
    David Cole authored
    6c611c6b libarchive: Restore CMake 2.6.3 as minimum version
    2f5b6771 libarchive: Update README-CMake.txt for new snapshot
    156cb3bb Merge branch 'libarchive-upstream' into update-libarchive
    fd42bf1b libarchive: Set .gitattributes to allow trailing whitespace
    4f4fe6e5 libarchive 3.0.2-r4051 (reduced)
    65b6e19a libarchive: Avoid bogus conversion warning from PGI compiler
    9ccaeb10 libarchive: Suppress PathScale compiler warnings
    23094383 libarchive: Rename isoent_rr_move_dir parameter isoent => curent
    b6ca96ec libarchive: Include linux/types.h before linux/fiemap.h
    f293b73d libarchive: Define _XOPEN_SOURCE=500 on HP-UX
    6781a099 libarchive: Cleanup after ZLIB_WINAPI check
    f15d7576 libarchive: Remove hard-coded build configuration
    3a9f4490 libarchive: Use Apple copyfile.h API only if available
    6af6b96c libarchive: Do not use MNT_NOATIME if not defined
    02d5e405 libarchive: Check for 'struct statvfs' member 'f_iosize'
    8b7ee30b libarchive: Do not use ST_NOATIME if not defined
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