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    GHS: Update project layout to accommodate gbuild inconsistencies · 83c47ef5
    Fred Baksik authored
    -- Do not use reference projects, use build hierarchy instead.
       gbuild has three parallel levels:
       * low -- Parallelizes compiling source files within a single project (.gpj)
         file when safe to do so.
       * medium -- Parallelizes processing files within a single linked output when
         safe to do so.
       * high [default] -- Parallelizes processing files whenever safe to do so,
         including linking task.
       Testing showed that for some combinations of gbuild / MULTI there are issues
       with building a project that uses references to target project files along with
       using {nobuild} option.
       Sometimes the archiving of a library and linking of an executable were
       happening in parallel and the build would fail when linking because the
       archive wasn't complete.
       This behavior was also inconsistent when running the build from MULTI and
       from the command line with gbuild. In some cases MULTI did not parallelize
       archiving and linking, but gbuild performed these actions in parallel.
       The parallel build issue was not seen when using a build hierarchy where the
       project listed the project files normally instead of using a reference link.
       The other option was to add the -parallel_level=medium to the command line
       when using "cmake --build" but this wouldn't fix the issue if gbuild itself
       was used to and the user might not be aware of the extra option used by cmake.
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