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    fileapi: Add protocol v1 infrastructure with support for shared query files · eb2ec41a
    Brad King authored
    Add a file-based API that clients may use to get semantic information
    about the buildsystem that CMake generates.  Clients will write query
    files under a designated location in the build tree, and CMake will
    write reply files for clients to read.
    Start with support for shared stateless query files.  These allow
    clients to share requests for major object versions and get all those
    recognized by CMake.  Once any client has written a shared request to a
    build tree it will persist.  Other clients will not need to overwrite
    the request (since it is stateless) and should not remove it either.
    For now we add only an undocumented object kind to use for testing the
    query and reply infrastructure.  Object kinds providing real semantic
    information will be added later.
    Issue: #18398
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