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    swig: fix incremental build in case of removed interface files · 2ee10119
    felix schwitzer authored
    Commit v3.8.0-rc1~123^2 (UseSWIG: Automatically scan dependencies of SWIG files
    for Makefiles, 2016-12-21) introduced automatic dependency scanning for files
    `%include`d in a swig interface definition file. This works fine as long as no
    such file is removed. But removing a dependent file breaks an incremental build
    and `make` complains about a missing dependency, see #16830.
    Integrate the approach proposed in the issue above into the SWIG-module, do the
    workaround in a conditional step as it arises only for Makefile generators. For
    other generators use the implementation before that commit.
    Fixes: #17433.
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