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    FortranCInterface: Fix mangling detection with Cray Fortran >= 7.3.2 · d0203fb5
    Brad King authored
    The Cray Fortran compiler started using module init symbols in version 7.3.2.
    Starting in commit 71287734 (Teach FortranC interface for Intel, PGI, and gcc
    4.2, 2009-08-05) we provide C versions of the module init symbols so that the
    detection executable can link when the C versions of the module-mangled symbols
    are picked up.
    If no C module-mangled symbol matches then we cannot let the C module init
    symbol appear because it will be duplicated by the Fortran copy that provides
    the module-mangled symbol.  This was first handled for the PathScale compiler
    in commit 21faaa5d (FortranCInterface: Fix PathScale detection, 2010-01-22) and
    commit 46858720 (FortranCInterface: Fix PathScale detection again, 2010-02-16).
    Handle it now for the Cray compiler too.
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