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    FindwxWidgets: Drop suppression of -isystem · 4d05f195
    Brad King authored
    This was added by commit v2.8.0~2292 (... Set variable
    wxWidgets_INCLUDE_DIRS_NO_SYSTEM on the Mac ..., 2008-04-16) and updated
    by commit v2.8.9~183^2 (FindwxWidgets: Do not use -isystem on OpenBSD,
    2012-05-14).  Since the underlying cause was never investigated fully we
    do not know the conditions under which -isystem breaks wxWidgets, but
    suppressing -isystem is problematic for users that do not want to see
    warnings in wxWidgets headers.  Simply drop the special case for now so
    we can see whether anyone hits the problem again, at which point it can
    be investigated in more detail.
    Reported-by: default avatarSimon Wells <swel024@gmail.com>
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