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    ExternalProject: Be compatible with projects setting CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR · 1b9d15c1
    Brad King authored
    Since commit v3.5.0-rc1~32^2~1 (ExternalProject: Simplify `cmake
    --build` configuration passing, 2016-01-19) we use the `$<CONFIG>`
    generator expression to generate the `cmake --build . --config <config>`
    value for the default BUILD_COMMAND instead of the CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR
    placeholder value provided by multi-config generators.  However, some
    projects have been abusing the old implementation detail by setting
    CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR themselves to get a specific configuration.  Those
    projects should be updated to set their own BUILD_COMMAND to get
    non-default behavior.  Meanwhile we can be compatible with their
    existing releases by detecting when CMAKE_CFG_INTDIR is not a
    generator-provided placeholder and using its value instead.
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