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    Restore support for include_directories() in toolchain files · 588fa1bb
    Brad King authored
    Any `include_directories()` calls in toolchain files are used during our
    ABI detection step even though it does not include any system headers.
    Since commit 5990ecb7 (Compute implicit include directories from
    compiler output, 2018-12-07, v3.14.0-rc1~108^2), that check is also used
    to detect implicit include directories.  Any `include_directories()` in
    a toolchain file are detected as implicit and later excluded from
    explicit specification on compiler command lines, thus breaking the
    purpose of the calls in the first place.
    Fix the implicit include directory detection step to avoid using paths
    from `include_directories()` calls in the toolchain file.
    Fixes: #19079
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