CheckSourceCompiles: Avoid linker warning with -fembed-bitcode

When the Apple linker sees -headerpad_max_install_names and
bitcode is enabled with a flag like -fembed-bitcode, it issues a warning
and ignores the -headerpad_max_install_names flag. This causes
unrelated compiler and linker flag checks to fail for valid flags.
In f745e049 (CheckCompilerFlags: Catch linker warning about ignored
flags, 2022-01-03), we started detecting linker warnings, which caused
a regression for projects that were setting -fembed-bitcode in their
CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS or similar. Prevent that regression by removing
the -headerpad_max_install_names linker flag when we know it will
warn and be ignored anyway.

Fixes: #23390
Issue: #23408
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