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      HIP: Simplify detection of HIP runtime CMake package · cb93f726
      Brad King authored
      It only makes sense to use the CMake package from the same ROCm
      installation that the compiler uses.  Ask the HIP compiler to report the
      location of the ROCm installation.  Verify up front that it contains the
      expected CMake package file.
    • Brad King's avatar
      HIP: Remove ROMClang compiler id and use Clang directly · a71f0fc9
      Brad King authored
      Since commit bd844387 (ROCMClang: Add the ROCm toolkit derived clang
      compiler to CMake, 2020-08-28, v3.21.0-rc1~66^2~6) and commit ff0d2858
      (HIP: Extract clang compiler details from hipcc, 2020-10-21,
      v3.21.0-rc1~66^2~5), the separate `ROCMClang` compiler id for `hipcc`
      has caused a few problems:
      * The compiler id changed from behavior of CMake 3.20 and below,
        breaking projects that already built with `hipcc` treated as `Clang`.
      * The implementation of `target_compile_features` was incomplete for
        the `ROCMClang` identity.
      * Only `hipcc` was identified as `ROCMClang`, so after it is unwrapped
        to the underlying `clang++`, future runs of new CMake versions on
        an existing build tree would not repeat this.
      * Clang should be usable as a HIP compiler without the `hipcc` wrapper.
      Remove the `ROMClang` compiler identity, and revise HIP language support
      to work directly with a Clang compiler.
      Reject direct `hipcc` usage as a HIP compiler.  For now it cannot be
      supported because it interferes with flags CMake needs to pass to Clang.
      Fixes: #22536, #22460, #22593
    • Brad King's avatar
      HIP: Detect ROCm path earlier · b125e980
      Brad King authored
      Fail early if it is not found.
      Use the detected location as a hint to find `rocm_agent_enumerator`.
      Also remove the leading `_` prefix in case we want to document this
      publicly later.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge branch 'android-PATH' into release-3.20 · c9c6e8d6
      Brad King authored
      Merge-request: !6528
    • hhb's avatar
      Android: Restore searching PATH for executables · 94f37767
      hhb authored
      Since commit a7f41a7e (Android: Fix find_* search order within NDK for
      unified toolchains, 2020-10-13, v3.20.0-rc1~610^2), we turn off
      `CMAKE_FIND_USE_SYSTEM_ENVIRONMENT_PATH`.  This breaks `find_program`
      searching `PATH` for host executables.  Fortunately, the setting turns
      out not to be necessary, perhaps since commit cbc51a8b (Android:
      restructure android search paths, 2020-11-06, v3.20.0-rc1~509^2).
      Without it, none of NDK tests fail, so remove it to restore pre-3.20
      Fixes: #22634
    • Jean-Marc Hengen's avatar
      IAR: Restore support for projects not enabling policy CMP0057 · f77ffbc0
      Jean-Marc Hengen authored
      Since commit 5b9bfe73 (IAR: Moved search logic to BinUtils.,
      2021-07-19, v3.21.1~14^2), we use the `IN_LIST` operator in the
      `CMakeFindBinUtils` module.  Set policy `CMP0057` to ensure it is
      available regardless of the project's policy settings.
      Fixes: #22640
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge topic 'vs2022' into release-3.21 · 64aac043
      Brad King authored
      b6ac1039 VS: Update Visual Studio 17 2022 generator for Preview 4
       VS: Fix managed C++ project generation for VS 2022
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !6524
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