1. 19 Oct, 2021 1 commit
    • Jordan Williams's avatar
      Generic-ELF: Add platform module to configure the .elf file extension · 3f9b40da
      Jordan Williams authored
      The `.elf` extension is a common convention used for embedded binaries.
      Both Arm and RISC-V use the ELF file format for executables.
      Configuring the `.elf` file extension is typically done incorrectly.
      Most embedded developers set this in toolchain files, which is not
      the correct place.
      This is typically accomplished through a hack by setting the individual
      language file extensions for C, CXX, and ASM.
      Multiple CMake issues in the past have been opened related to this.
      * #16538
      * #20163
      * #17880
      A platform module makes it simpler and less error prone for developers
      targeting these ubiquitous bare-metal platforms.
      This PR attempts to solve this globally with a generic platform.
      This could also be solved by using more specific platform modules, such
      as one for each of bare-metal Arm and RISC-V.
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    • Jörg Bornemann's avatar
      Add a parser for GCC-style depfiles · f8c505d4
      Jörg Bornemann authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Introduce the function cmReadGccDepfile that parses a GCC-style depfile
      and returns its content. The implementation uses a lexer that is
      modeled after the re2c implementation in Ninja.
      The sample files of the autotest have been created with gcc 8.3.0.
      This depfile reader is to be used by the Autogen facility to make use
      of the depfiles that are generated by Qt's meta object compiler.
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    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      KWIML 2018-01-09 (9c2d6cae) · 6e921648
      Kitware Robot authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Code extracted from:
      at commit 9c2d6caecd8cd937b891009c681f90748df85dfd (master).
      Upstream Shortlog
      Brad King (5):
            fc9d607a Use static_cast when compiling as C++
            ea9336bc Update copyright year
            7db8b884 Suppress MSVC static_cast warnings in verification and test code
            340af24d Update copyright year
            9c2d6cae Fix compilation on Borland C++ 5.8
      Richard W.M. Jones (1):
            6fc81d88 abi.h: Update RISC-V support for revised macro names
  12. 20 Dec, 2017 1 commit
  13. 25 Sep, 2017 1 commit
    • Tom Fogal's avatar
      FindOpenGL: Add support for GLVND on Linux · e2e8a690
      Tom Fogal authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Find GLVND components if available.  Add `GLX` and `EGL` options for
      COMPONENTS that allow requesting these libraries explicitly.  Introduce
      new import targets for these windowing-system-specific libraries.
      On a GLVND system, populate the legacy `OPENGL_LIBRARIES` variable and
      the `OpenGL::GL` target using the `OpenGL` and `GLX` components.  On
      non-GLVND systems, continue to use the legacy `GL` library and simply do
      not provide the GLVND components.  Application code can choose to adapt
      based on the availability of GLVND components as imported targets.
  14. 05 Sep, 2017 1 commit
  15. 10 Jun, 2017 1 commit
    • Adriaan de Groot's avatar
      CPack-FreeBSD: add a generator for FreeBSD pkg(8) · 2042cae9
      Adriaan de Groot authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Adds an option CPACK_ENABLE_FREEBSD_PKG to allow CPack to look
      for FreeBSD's libpkg / pkg(8). If this is set and the libpkg
      headers and library are found (which they will be, by default,
      on any FreeBSD system), then add a FreeBSD pkg(8) generator.
      The FreeBSD package tool pkg(8) uses tar.xz files (.txz) with two
      metadata files embedded (+MANIFEST and +COMPACT_MANIFEST).
      This introduces a bunch of FreeBSD-specific CPACK_FREEBSD_PACKAGE_*
      variables for filling in the metadata; the Debian generator does
      something similar. Documentation for the CPack CMake-script is styled
      after the Debian generator.
      Implementation notes:
       - Checks for libpkg -- the underlying implementation for pkg(8) --
         and includes FreeBSD package-generation if building CMake on
         a UNIX host. Since libpkg can be used on BSDs, Linux and OSX,
         this potentially adds one more packaging format. In practice,
         this will only happen on FreeBSD and DragonflyBSD.
       - Copy-paste from cmCPack...
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    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      KWSys 2016-11-09 (18c65411) · 773b36e5
      Kitware Robot authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Code extracted from:
      at commit 18c654114de3aa65429542f95308720bc68f9231 (master).
      Upstream Shortlog
      Brad King (14):
            37306a1c FStream: Quiet unused argument warning
            15e90a3c Sort includes to stabilize include order w.r.t. clang-format
            26509227 Copyright.txt: Add notice of copyright by contributors
            fc42d3f2 Add temporary script to filter license notices
            c41c1bc4 Simplify KWSys per-source license notices
            1d4c0b4a Remove temporary script that filtered license notices
            a4f5ef79 SystemInformation: Remove stray comment
            8649a886 kwsysPrivate: Protect KWSYS_HEADER macro from clang-format
            89b98af5 Configure clang-format for KWSys source tree
            547dacad Add a script to run clang-format on the entire source tree
            aa94be0c CONTRIBUTING: Add a section on coding style
            6604c4b6 Empty commit at end of history preceding clang-format style transition
            2b3e2b1c Tell Git to not export 'clang-format' infrastructure
            18c65411 FStream: Include Configure.hxx before other headers
      Kitware Robot (1):
            6c973b46 Revise C++ coding style using clang-format
  19. 27 Sep, 2016 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      Copyright.txt: Add notice of copyright by contributors · 7feb4ecc
      Brad King authored
      We do not require copyright assignment for contributions to CMake.
      Update the top-level notice to mention "Contributors" explicitly.
      Add a list of the Contributors whose names already appear in
      source-level copyright notices.  Find the list with the command:
          $ git grep -h 'Copyright[^.]' -- *.* \
              Auxiliary Modules Packaging Source Templates Tests \
            | grep -v Kitware | sed 's/^#\? *//' | sort | uniq
      Manually refine the list to de-duplicate entries and filter out
      notices from third-party code.
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    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      KWSys 2012-05-02 (719638e2) · 7d3c2959
      Kitware Robot authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Extract upstream KWSys using the following shell code.
      $ sha1=719638e233b560afb0d9a0afdcf23469dc1827fe &&
      git archive --prefix=KWSys-snapshot/ $sha1 |
      tar x
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    • Brad King's avatar
      KWIML: The Kitware Information Macro Library · 831badec
      Brad King authored
      Provides header files that use preprocessor tests to detect and provide
      information about the compiler and its target architecture.  The headers
      contain no configuration-time test results and thus may be installed
      into an architecture-independent include directory.  This makes them
      suitable for use in the public interface of any package.
  30. 01 Oct, 2009 1 commit
  31. 28 Sep, 2009 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      Convert CMake to OSI-approved BSD License · 96afb120
      Brad King authored
      This converts the CMake license to a pure 3-clause OSI-approved BSD
      License.  We drop the previous license clause requiring modified
      versions to be plainly marked.  We also update the CMake copyright to
      cover the full development time range.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      ENH: SUBDIR_DEPENDS command now does nothing. The parallel build... · ee31c3e0
      Brad King authored
      ENH: SUBDIR_DEPENDS command now does nothing.  The parallel build functionality is now automatic.  Dependencies are setup to force the same build order as a single threaded build, but multiple files in the same directory can be built simultaneously.  Also fixed bug with inheriting CMakeLists.txt files when a directory level is skipped.
  37. 20 Sep, 2001 1 commit
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