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      libarchive: Avoid bogus conversion warning from PGI compiler · 65b6e19a
      Brad King authored
      We cannot suppress PGI compiler warnings completely because even with
      the "-w" flag the compiler still writes a message containing "compilation
      completed with warnings" to stderr.
      A warning is triggered by expressions like
        test ? NULL : ptr_to_const_char
        test ? ".." : ptr_to_const_char
      that the PGI compiler handles incorrectly.  It chooses the pointer type
      of the first option (either void* or char*) and warns about conversion
      of the second without a cast.  Flip the expression logic to
        !test ? ptr_to_const_char : NULL
        !test ? ptr_to_const_char : ".."
      to help the compiler choose the proper result type.
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      libarchive: Suppress PathScale compiler warnings · 9ccaeb10
      Brad King authored
      We are not developing libarchive so we do not care about warnings.
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      libarchive: Rename isoent_rr_move_dir parameter isoent => curent · 23094383
      Brad King authored
      The PGI compiler confuses parameter name "isoent" with "struct isoent".
      Rename the parameter to "curent" to avoid confusion.
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      libarchive: Include linux/types.h before linux/fiemap.h · b6ca96ec
      Brad King authored
      Some Linux API versions do not perform this inclusion automatically,
      so types like __u64 needed by the latter are not available.
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      libarchive: Define _XOPEN_SOURCE=500 on HP-UX · f293b73d
      Brad King authored
      The HP-UX <wchar.h> header provides 'mbstate_t' in C89/C90 mode only if
      _XOPEN_SOURCE is defined to exactly 500.  Type 'mbstate_t' was
      introduced in C89/C90 Normative Amendment 1, aka C94/C95, adding support
      international character sets.  It is part of C99 but not C89/C90.
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