1. 13 Apr, 2015 3 commits
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      cmMakefile: Remove unused CacheManager accessor. · f71fdf0e
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Remove unneeded friend declarations from cmCacheManager.
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      Port to cmState. · ff7169a0
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      Introduce cmState class. · a6b1ad13
      Stephen Kelly authored
      At this point, it is an interface to the cache.  It will be extended
      to be a universal interface for access to and manipulation of
      configuration-time data (defintions, properties on targets,
      directories, source files etc).
      This will allow porting all command implementations away
      from the cmMakefile and cmTarget classes, and result in something
      more-purely related to configuration-time processing of cmake
      commands.  That should serve at least the following goals:
       * Split the CMake implementation more definitively into three
         stages: Configuration, computation and generation, and be able to
         implement each optimally for memory access patterns etc.
       * Make better IDE integration possible by making more configuration
         data available.
       * Make it possiblte to use a smaller library than CMakeLib.a in
         cpack and ctest, resulting in smaller executables.
       * Make it possible to run the configure step multiple times in
         the same CMake run (#14539).
      Manage its lifetime in the cmake class, and add a convenience accessor
      to cmMakefile.
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  4. 06 Apr, 2015 20 commits