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      VS15: Add Visual Studio 15 generator · bdc679a8
      Brad King authored
      Call the generator "Visual Studio 15" without any year because the
      preview version of VS 15 does not provide a year in the product name.
      Copy cmGlobalVisualStudio14Generator to cmGlobalVisualStudio15Generator
      and update version numbers accordingly.  Add the VS15 enumeration value.
      Note that we do not need to add a MSVC15 variable or v150 toolset
      because Visual Studio 15 comes with an updated version of the v140
      toolset and remains ABI-compatible.
      Teach tests VSExternalInclude, RunCMake.GeneratorPlatform, and
      RunCMake.GeneratorToolset to treat VS 15 as they do VS 10-14.
      Closes: #16143
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      ExternalData: Tolerate files duplicated across multiple targets · f9973166
      Brad King authored
      If multiple ExternalData_Target_Add calls generate the same output file
      then we need to avoid calling add_custom_command multiple times with
      that output.  This was already done within a single target by setting a
      variable in the local function scope.  This will not be visible in other
      calls though so we need to use a directory property instead to prevent
      adding a custom command multiple times for one output in a directory.
      Normally it is not safe to have multiple custom commands that produce
      the same output file across multiple independent targets, but since we
      use atomic replacement of outputs the resulting races should not be a
      problem.  For the convenience of projects, tolerate this instead of
      diagnosing it.  In particular, we previously allowed up to two copies
      of the custom command in one directory because CMake has a fallback
      from MAIN_DEPENDENCY to an `<output>.rule` file.
      While at it, add a note to the documentation that typically only one
      external data target should be needed for a project.
      Reported-by: David Manthey's avatarDavid Manthey <david.manthey@kitware.com>
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      Merge branch 'release' · 024eecd9
      Brad King authored
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      Merge branch 'release' · e214ceaf
      Brad King authored
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      Merge topic 'backport-curl-fix' · 4dda1812
      Brad King authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
      4b53a693 curl: Backport certificate reuse fix from 7.50.2