1. 16 May, 2016 16 commits
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      Revise C++ coding style using clang-format · d9fd2f54
      Kitware Robot authored
      Run the `Utilities/Scripts/clang-format.bash` script to update
      all our C++ code to a new style defined by `.clang-format`.
      Use `clang-format` version 3.8.
      * If you reached this commit for a line in `git blame`, re-run the blame
        operation starting at the parent of this commit to see older history
        for the content.
      * See the parent commit for instructions to rebase a change across this
        style transition commit.
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      Empty commit at end of history preceding clang-format style transition · 82df6dea
      Brad King authored
      This is an empty commit that precedes an automatic application of
      clang-format to update the C++ style of our entire source tree.
      This may be helpful to rebase a topic branch that was originally
      based on a commit preceding the transition.  One may first rebase
      the topic on this commit.  Then use one of the following approaches.
      *   Rewrite the topic, including this commit, using `git filter-branch`
          `--tree-filter` with `Utilities/Scripts/clang-format.bash` to update
          the style in every commit.  Rebase the revised topic, excluding the
          rewrite of this commit, on the style transition commit.
      *   Add a `.git/info/grafts` entry to change the parent of the first
          commit in the topic from this commit to the style transition commit.
          Rewrite the topic using `git filter-branch --tree-filter` with
          `Utilities/Scripts/clang-format.bash` to update the style in every
          commit.  Then remove the graft, which was resolved by the filter.
      See `git help filter-branch` and `git help repository-layout` for
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      CONTRIBUTING: Add a section on coding style · 6a13f43f
      Brad King authored
      Document that we now define our coding style with `clang-format`.
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      Add a script to run clang-format on the entire source tree · bf451d9f
      Brad King authored
      List all sources in version control and filter out those that we should
      not format for various reasons.  Then run the clang-format tool to do an
      in-place update.
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      Configure clang-format for CMake source tree · 1e90d78f
      Brad King authored
      After discussion among developers we settled on the Mozilla style
      with a few tweaks:
      * Do not align operator arguments.
      * Do not always break after a function return type.
      * Limit to 79 columns instead of 80 to fit edge cases
        better in 80-column terminals as CMake has always done.
      * Format for C++98 instead of C++11 because CMake is written
        in the former language.
      Co-Author: Daniel Pfeifer <daniel@pfeifer-mail.de>
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      Tell Git to use a distinct conflict marker size in `.rst` files · da60adc3
      Brad King authored
      Use a long conflict marker size that is unlikely to be in conflict
      with a `=======` section header underline.
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      cmGeneratorTarget: Protect macro code layout from clang-format · c7006d2e
      Brad King authored
      The `IMPLEMENT_VISIT_IMPL` macro must preserve a space before the `>`
      character in case the `DATATYPE` is a template type ending in `>`.
      Manually format the macro layout as clang-format would except for this
      space.  Then add markup to tell clang-format not to format this macro.
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      Merge topic 'boost-component-headers' · d0828109
      Brad King authored
      c2e8d515 FindBoost: Add checks for component-specific headers
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge topic 'boost-1.61' · 1ba80676
      Brad King authored
      328eff90 FindBoost: Update dependencies for Boost 1.61
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge topic 'findpkgconfig-target' · 856804f9
      Brad King authored
      df97b979 FindPkgConfig: optionally create imported target for the found libraries
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      Merge topic 'cpack-rpm-adding-dist-to-release-tag' · d3db070e
      Brad King authored
      f5089cfc CPack/RPM adding dist to release tag test
      f7003a60 CPack/RPM release dist tag support
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      Merge topic 'cpack-rpm-different-package-names' · bc7598fd
      Brad King authored
      44ee2d71 CPack/RPM different package names
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      Merge topic 'cpack-deb-improvements' · 2b25174d
      Brad King authored
      4461e8bb CPack/Deb cpack-deb-improvements release notes
      7e940bf7 CPack/Deb test changes due to breaking changes
      3b648894 CPack/Deb package release number in file name
      316dd613 CPack/Deb proper package file naming
      271e03f0 CPack/Deb per-component package architecture
      23baaf8d CPack/Deb inter package dependencies
      3a55a0e7 CPack/Deb proper component packages file naming
      c7f388e7 CPack/Deb generation of postinst and postrm ldconfig files
      2d589653 CPack/Deb generation of DEBIAN/shlibs control file
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      Merge topic 'link-item-interface-not-path' · cd1c3d80
      Brad King authored
      9cb263d7 cmComputeLinkInformation: Do not mark interface library as a path
    • Roger Leigh's avatar
      FindBoost: Add checks for component-specific headers · c2e8d515
      Roger Leigh authored
      This supplements the existing library checks, to
      cater for the possibility that the libraries are
      present but the headers are not.  This can happen
      when the Boost collections is split up into
      multiple packages and not all are installed,
      and will avoid the checks silently passing when
      the build would subsequently fail.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · fba30b2f
      Kitware Robot authored
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