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      FindOctave: Remove module pending further work · 7a1f3fe0
      Brad King authored
      The `FindOctave` module added by commit 170bcb6f (FindOctave: Add
      module to find GNU octave, 2018-11-17, v3.14.0-rc1~283^2) has a few
      problems in its implementation that need to be worked out before the
      module can be included in a CMake release.  These were missed during
      review.  Remove the module for now.  It can be restored later with a
      fresh review.
      Issue: #18991
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      include_external_msproject: Restore support for EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL · 3106cf4e
      Brad King authored
      In commit dc688857 (Pass EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL from directory to targets,
      2019-01-15, v3.14.0-rc1~83^2) all `AddNewTarget` call sites were updated
      to copy the directory-level `EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL` into the target property
      of the same name, except that the one for `include_external_msproject`
      was incorrectly missed.  Add it now.
      Furthermore, refactoring in commit b99129d2 (ENH: some code cleanup,
      2007-03-12, v2.6.0~2020) accidentally set the `EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL` target
      property of `include_external_msproject`-generated targets to `FALSE`
      instead of simply leaving it unset.  This was not necessary but had no
      effect until the above commit gave it a meaning.  Drop that.
      Fixes: #18986
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      VS: Fix detection of clang-cl with -T llvm · 8375c303
      Brad King authored
      When using a VS generator with `-T llvm`, MSBuild relies on the "LLVM
      Compiler Toolchain" VS Extension.  This does not put `clang-cl` in the
      `PATH` inside the build, and LLVM no longer provides a `cl` replacement
      either.  Therefore we need another way to extract the path to the
      `CMAKE_{C,CXX}_COMPILER`.  Fortunately the LLVM VS integration provides
      a `$(ClangClExecutable)` macro we can reference to get the path.
      Fixes: #18983
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      FindThreads: Fix libc check to use proper header for pthread_kill · e0267eb1
      Brad King authored
      In commit e9a1ddc5 (FindThreads: Replace the pthread symbol checking
      in libc., 2018-11-18, v3.14.0-rc1~292^2) we switched to checking for
      `pthread_kill` in libc but did not update the symbol check's header file
      to match.  Add `signal.h` to get `pthread_kill`.  Keep `pthread.h`
      anyway since the purpose of the check is to verify that the pthread API
      Fixes: #18984
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      Merge branch 'doc-ctest-build-and-test-summary' into release-3.14 · 8455e166
      Brad King authored
      Merge-request: !3017
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      Help: Fix --build-and-test synopsis in ctest(1) · 02ba5d57
      Paul Seyfert authored
      The synopsis added by commit 9d3aa95c (Help: Divide ctest(1) manual
      options into sections, 2017-11-08, v3.11.0-rc1~359^2~2) is missing the
      actual `--build-and-test` argument!  Add it now.
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      Tests: Restore support for CMake 3.1 through 3.6 with MSVC · a0d4430d
      Brad King authored
      The change in commit a5dd1599 (Tests: Fix RunCMake.try_compile
      CxxStandard case on MSVC, 2017-09-22, v3.10.0-rc1~63^2) introduced use
      of `if()` conditions not supported until CMake 3.7, so while it was
      intended to restore support for CMake versions prior to 3.9, it actually
      only did so for 3.7 and 3.8.  Backport the logic to work with CMake 3.1.
      Fixes: #18987
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