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    • Brad King's avatar
      Xcode: Use deterministic object ids for script build phases · b8b6573d
      Brad King authored
      The Xcode "new build system" only considers a script build phase up to
      date if it has run before, even if outputs are newer than inputs.  Use a
      deterministic object id for script build phases associated with custom
      commands so that they do not need to re-run after CMake re-generates the
      Fixes: #21669
    • Jörg Bornemann's avatar
      Add a failing test case for #21620 · fefba42e
      Jörg Bornemann authored
      Extend Qt(4|5)Autogen.RerunMocBasic to check the following situation:
      Class MyObject3 is a QObject-derived class without Q_OBJECT macro.
      It's declared in myobject3.h that is not included by any file that is
      input of AutoMoc (this is why we had to add PlainObject).
      If myobject3.h were included by main.cpp, then AutoMoc would already
      track this dependency, because main.cpp has a Q_OBJECT macro.
      After the initial build(s), the Q_OBJECT macro is added to myobject3.h,
      and an incremental build is run. With Qt >= 5.15 and Ninja, the build
      fails, because AutoMoc is not run due to the missing dependency to
    • Jörg Bornemann's avatar
      Extend QtAutogen/RerunMoc · 2999c40d
      Jörg Bornemann authored
      Test that removing / adding a Q_OBJECT macro doesn't break incremental
      This was initially done to test the fix for #21620, but the test passes
      without the fix. The reason is that test1.h is included by main.cpp, which
      contains a Q_OBJECT macro, meaning that test1.h is in AutoMoc's
      dependencies transitively.
    • Jörg Bornemann's avatar
      Do not use try_compile in RerunMocBasic test · f623664e
      Jörg Bornemann authored
      In a subsequent patch we want to extend RerunMocBasic to test the
      removal and addition of Q_OBJECT macros works when building
      For that, properly generated dependencies are necessary. Currently, the
      MocBasic test project is configured using try_compile, and that turns
      off the generation of depfiles.
      Replace the try_compile call with execute_command calls that first
      configure and then build the test project.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Tests: Fix ConfigSources test with Intel compiler on Windows · 0dcc03cd
      Brad King authored
      The test regularly fails updating the `vc*.pdb` compiler-generated
      PDB file.  Add the `/Z7` flag as the compiler suggests for this.
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