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    • Mark Salisbury's avatar
      VS: Use lower-case boolean values in VS 7-9 (#14927) · b684ce58
      Mark Salisbury authored
      The VS 7-9 IDEs parse .vcproj file boolean values in lower or upper
      case.  The .NET XML parsing chokes on anything but "true", "false", "0",
      "1".  Teach our generators to use lower-case names since they will work
      for both parsers.  Our VS >= 10 flag tables already use lower-case.
    • Stephen Kelly's avatar
      add_custom_command: Normalize OUTPUT and DEPENDS paths. · c4af46b4
      Stephen Kelly authored
      While tracing dependencies of a target, cmTargetTraceDependencies
      follows sources by full path to determine if the source is to be
      produced by a custom command.  Commit 4959f341 (cmSourceFileLocation:
      Collapse full path for directory comparisons., 2014-03-27) changed
      the storage of target sources to be in the form of a normalized
      path instead of an unnormalized path.
      The path is followed by looking it up in a mapping via
      cmMakefile::GetSourceFileWithOutput to acquire an appropriate
      cmSourceFile.  The mapping is populated with the OUTPUT components
      of add_custom_command invocations, however it is populated with
      unnormalized paths.  This means that the tracing logic does not
      find appropriate cmSourceFiles, and does not generate appropriate
      build rules for the generated sources.
      Normalize the paths in the OUTPUT components of add_custom_command
      to resolve this.
      The paths in the DEPENDS component of add_custom_command are also
      not normalized, leading ...
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge branch 'release' · 5e9441cd
      Brad King authored
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge topic 'fix-coverage-py' · 574f096b
      Brad King authored
      deee7c42 CTest: Fix Python coverage.py off-by-one error in results
      88b3dcb1 CTest: Improve Python coverage.py source file search algorithm
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge topic 'cpack-properties' · 8df4d03d
      Brad King authored
      d0b1d2a6 CPackWiX: Implement CPACK_NEVER_OVERWRITE and CPACK_PERMANENT properties
      15a8af21 Add an "installed file" property scope
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge topic 'FindFreetype-updates' · ca2b012c
      Brad King authored
      58f7baab FindFreetype: Indent with 2 spaces instead of 4
      444f8801 FindFreetype: Use lower-case name in call to FPHSA
      836a28d5 FindFreetype: Move PATH_SUFFIXES argument for more consistency
      4ad6dace FindFreetype: Add newlines to reduce code width
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge topic 'GNUtoMS-vs-12' · c8c359bb
      Brad King authored
      668e571d GNUtoMS: Add support for VS 2013 (#14936)
    • Brad King's avatar
      Merge topic 'fix-cache-self-assignment' · af346397
      Brad King authored
      1cd37527 cmCacheManager: Avoid cache entry self-assignment
      326d15a3 cmake: Tolerate missing HELPSTRING on compiler change
    • Nils Gladitz's avatar
    • Nils Gladitz's avatar
      Add an "installed file" property scope · 15a8af21
      Nils Gladitz authored
      Teach set_property and get_property an "INSTALL" property type to be
      associated with install-tree file paths.  Make the properties available
      to CPack for use during packaging.  Add a "prop_inst" Sphinx domain
      object type for documentation of such properties.
    • Zach's avatar
      CTest: Fix Python coverage.py off-by-one error in results · deee7c42
      Zach authored
      The cobertura format uses line numbers indexed starting at 1, and CTest
      uses a vector indexed starting at 0 to store them.
    • Roni Choudhury's avatar
      CTest: Improve Python coverage.py source file search algorithm · 88b3dcb1
      Roni Choudhury authored
      If the coverage.py source file is not found in the source directory, the
      build directory is first searched before raising an error.
      This is necessary because it is a valid workflow to build a Python
      package from source, then install this package to a virtualenv that
      lives in the build directory.  Tests will run against this deployed
      package and therefore the covered source files will be found in a
      subdirectory of the build directory, and not anywhere in the source
    • Nils Gladitz's avatar
      CPackDeb: Invoke "dpkg-shlibdeps --version" with C locale · 21ec5f84
      Nils Gladitz authored
      The version message is localized and may not match when a non-english locale is in use.
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 960f140d
      Kitware Robot authored
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