1. 05 Nov, 2019 4 commits
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  8. 10 Aug, 2019 1 commit
    • Sebastian Holtermann's avatar
      cmStringAlgorithms: Add cmStrToLong and cmStrToULong · 935fbe0b
      Sebastian Holtermann authored
      This adds the following functions to cmStringAlgorithms:
      - `cmStrToLong`: moved from `cmSystemTools::StringToLong`
      - `cmStrToULong`: moved from `cmSystemTools::StringToULong`
      Overloads of the given functions for `std::string` are added as well.
  9. 18 Jul, 2019 1 commit
  10. 10 Jul, 2019 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      IWYU: Fix handling of <memory> standard header · 71fbebd1
      Brad King authored
      An old workaround for `std::allocator_traits<>::value_type` lints from
      IWYU on `std::vector<>` usage breaks IWYU's handling of `<memory>`.
      Convert the workaround to use the same approach we already use for a
      workaround of `std::__decay_and_strip<>::::__type` lints.  Then update
      the `<memory>` inclusions to follow the now-correct IWYU lints.
  11. 23 May, 2019 1 commit
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  20. 12 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      CTest: Improve stop-time implementation · ed71ec75
      Brad King authored
      The CTestTestStopTime test has been failing sporadically because the
      stop time causes the first internal test to have a timeout short enough
      that we might hit it and start the second test just before the stop time
      is reached.  Instead we should track when a timeout is shortened in
      order to stay within the stop time.  If a test times out for this reason
      then we should consider the stop time reached and not start any more
  21. 10 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      CTest: Fix --test-load regression · 292ec157
      Brad King authored
      The `ctest --test-load` option is implemented in `StartNextTests` by not
      starting any tests when the load is too high and instead sleeping and
      then returning.  Prior to commit v3.11.0-rc1~117^2 (CTest: Re-implement
      test process handling using libuv, 2017-12-10) our outer loop in
      `RunTests` would immediately call `StartNextTests` again.  However, now
      the `uv_run` loop may simply terminate if there are no tests running
      because no events are left pending.
      Fix this by converting the sleep in `StartNextTests` into a libuv timer
      that it starts instead.  This avoids leaving `uv_run` with no pending
      events.  In the case that there are other running tests this also allows
      CTest to detect when they finish even if it during the wait period where
      we previously slept.
      This regression was not caught by the test suite because it only
      verified that we do not start new tests when the load was too high and
      not that we proceed to start tests when the load drops.  Revise the test
      suite to cover both.
      Fixes: #18338
  22. 22 Jun, 2018 1 commit
  23. 01 Jun, 2018 1 commit
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      Revise C++ coding style using clang-format-6.0 · d7204e64
      Kitware Robot authored
      Run the `clang-format.bash` script to update all our C and C++ code to a
      new style defined by `.clang-format`.  Use `clang-format` version 6.0.
      * If you reached this commit for a line in `git blame`, re-run the blame
        operation starting at the parent of this commit to see older history
        for the content.
      * See the parent commit for instructions to rebase a change across this
        style transition commit.
  24. 08 Mar, 2018 1 commit
  25. 05 Mar, 2018 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      CTest: Add options to control test process affinity to CPUs · 6be53c66
      Brad King authored
      In commit v2.8.0~170 (ENH: Added ctest test options PROCESSORS and
      RUN_SERIAL, 2009-09-07) CTest learned to track the number of processors
      allocated to running tests in order to balance it against the desired
      level of parallelism.  Extend this idea by introducing a new
      `PROCESSOR_AFFINITY` test property to ask that CTest run a test
      with the CPU affinity mask set.  This will allow a set of tests
      that are running concurrently to use disjoint CPU resources.
  26. 31 Jan, 2018 1 commit
    • Pavel Solodovnikov's avatar
      Reduce raw string pointers usage. · 653b8946
      Pavel Solodovnikov authored
      * Change some functions to take `std::string` instead of
        `const char*` in the following classes: `cmMakeFile`, `cmake`,
        `cmCoreTryCompile`, `cmSystemTools`,  `cmState`, `cmLocalGenerator`
        and a few others.
      * Greatly reduce using of `const char*` overloads for
        `cmSystemTools::MakeDirectory` and `cmSystemTools::RelativePath`.
      * Remove many redundant `c_str()` conversions throughout the code.
  27. 26 Jan, 2018 1 commit
  28. 25 Jan, 2018 2 commits
  29. 10 Jan, 2018 3 commits
  30. 08 Jan, 2018 2 commits
    • Brad King's avatar
      cmCTestMultiProcessHandler: Fix StartNextTests loop on not-started test · 7e0eb77f
      Brad King authored
      If `StartTestProcess` does not start a test, propagate this information
      back up to the `StartNextTests` loop so that it can move on to another
      candidate without allocating processors to a test that didn't run.
      Otherwise we have to wait for the next time `RunTests` loops around and
      calls `StartNextTests` again.
    • Brad King's avatar
      cmCTestMultiProcessHandler: Check stop time more directly · 61ab5a8e
      Brad King authored
      Avoid creating a cmCTestRunTest instance if the stop time has been
      reached.  If the stop time occurs in the small time between creating an
      instance and computing the child process timeout, we will simply compute
      a zero timeout.  This is already done for the case that we StartAgain
      after the stop time.
  31. 09 Nov, 2017 1 commit
    • Wouter Klouwen's avatar
      CTest: correct misleading warning message for RUN_SERIAL tests · ec2f9012
      Wouter Klouwen authored
      As reported in issue 17167, when only RUN_SERIAL tests remain, CTest can
      display a misleading message that it is waiting for the load to come
      down when in fact, it cannot start any new tests.
      This commit fixes that by determining whether this circumstance is
      what's happening and adds an additional warning message in this case.