1. 07 Aug, 2008 2 commits
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      ENH: Improve robustness of compiler INFO strings · b8fc8b32
      Brad King authored
      Compiler INFO strings built at preprocessing time encode information
      that must appear as a string literal in the resulting binary.  We must
      make sure the strings appear in the final binary no matter what compiler
      and flags are used.  The previous implementation worked in most places
      but failed with the GNU linker's --gc-sections option which managed to
      discard the string.  Instead we make the program return value depend on
      an element of the string indexed by a runtime program parameter, which
      absolutely requires the string to be present.
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · e58fab84
      Brad King authored
  2. 06 Aug, 2008 8 commits
  3. 05 Aug, 2008 7 commits
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      BUG: fix #7452, bad closing ENDIF() statement · c2348da2
      Alexander Neundorf authored
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      ENH: Test relative path custom command output · 32df2a71
      Brad King authored
      As of CMake 2.6 a custom command output specified by relative path is
      placed in the build tree.  This adds a test to make sure other
      references to the output are hooked up correctly, fixing a bug in CMake
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      BUG: Custom command depends may match sources · 7e11c5e9
      Brad King authored
      Custom command dependencies that are not full paths or targets may also
      match source files.  When one does, the full information about the
      source file's location and name may be used.  This fixes the case when a
      custom commands depends by relative path on a source file generated by
      another custom command specifying its output by relative path.
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      BUG: Fix matching of ambiguous sf extensions. · d800910e
      Brad King authored
      A name with an ambiguous extension may only match an unambiguous name
      that is extended by one of the fixed set of extensions tried when
      finding the source file on disk.  This rule makes matching of source
      files with ambiguous extensions much less aggressive but still
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      BUG: Do not convert RPATH entries to full path. · d35b5a2f
      Brad King authored
      When generating RPATH entries on the link line using a repeated linker
      flag (-R ... -R ... style) do not convert individual entries to a full
      path.  We need to preserve what the user requested.
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      BUG: Fix escaping in link scripts · e44a9c92
      Brad King authored
      When generating escape sequences for the native build tool do not put in
      Makefile escapes for paths generated into link scripts.  This fixes
      putting "$ORIGIN" into the RPATH, and probably some other subtle
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · 090b90d7
      Brad King authored
  4. 04 Aug, 2008 3 commits
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