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      Remove unused cmake::IssueMessage overload · 0f96ef00
      Brad King authored
      All callers now pass a full backtrace so we do not need the alternative
      that takes a cmListFileContext directly.  Drop this overload to remove
      the code duplication.
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      cmState: Remove unused entry point fields from snapshot data · 563bf9dd
      Brad King authored
      This information is now kept in cmMakefile::Backtrace.
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      cmListFileBacktrace: Refactor storage to provide efficient value semantics · 7c36d206
      Brad King authored
      Since commit v3.4.0-rc1~321^2~2 (Genex: Store a backtrace, not a pointer
      to one, 2015-07-08) we treat cmListFileBacktrace instances as
      lightweight values.  This was true at the time only because the
      backtrace information was kept in the cmState snapshot hierarchy.
      However, that forced us to accumulate a lot of otherwise short-lived
      snapshots just to have the backtrace fields available for reference by
      cmListFileBacktrace instances.  Recent refactoring made backtrace
      instances independent of the snapshot hierarchy to avoid accumulating
      short-lived snapshots.  This came at the cost of making backtrace values
      heavy again, leading to lots of string coying and slower execution.
      Fix this by refactoring cmListFileBacktrace to provide value semantics
      with efficient shared storage underneath.  Teach cmMakefile to maintain
      its call stack using an instance of cmListFileBacktrace.  This approach
      allows the current backtrace to be efficiently saved whenever it is
      Also teach cmListFileBacktrace the notion of a file-level scope.  This
      is useful for messages about the whole file (e.g. during parsing) that
      are not specific to any line within it.  Push the CMakeLists.txt scope
      for each directory and never pop it.  This ensures that we always have
      some context information and simplifies cmMakefile::IssueMessage.
      Push/pop a file-level scope as each included file is processed.  This
      supersedes cmParseFileScope and improves diagnostic message context
      information in a few places.  Fix the corresponding test cases to expect
      the improved output.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 49c4d665
      Kitware Robot authored
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      Solaris: Add a CMAKE_HOST_SOLARIS variable (#16061) · 5dc6cfd6
      Stafen Teleman authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
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      cmake-gui: Teach --install make destination directory (#16064) · 32d569af
      Brad King authored
      Ensure the destination directory exists before creating symlinks in it.
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      cmState: Avoid accumulating snapshot storage for backtraces · 1f6bd8a9
      Brad King authored
      Changes during post-3.3/pre-3.4 development refactored storage of most
      configure-time information, including variable bindings and function
      scopes.  All scopes (even short-lived) were kept persistently for
      possible future debugging features, causing huge accumulated memory
      usage.  This was mostly addressed by commit v3.4.1~4^2 (cmState: Avoid
      accumulating snapshot storage for short-lived scopes, 2015-11-24).
      Since then we still keep short-lived scopes when they are needed for a
      backtrace.  This is because since commit v3.4.0-rc1~378^2
      (cmListFileBacktrace: Implement in terms of cmState::Snapshot,
      2015-05-29) backtraces have been lightweight objects that simply point
      into the snapshot tree.  While the intention of this approach was to
      avoid duplicating the call stack file path strings, the cost turned out
      to be holding on to the entire call stack worth of scope snapshots,
      which is much worse.
      Furthermore, since commit v3.4.0-rc2~1^2 (cmIfCommand: Issue CMP0054
      warning with appropriate context, 2015-10-20) all conditions used in
      `if()` commands hold a backtrace for use in diagnostic messages.  Even
      though the backtrace is short-lived it still causes the scope snapshot
      to be kept.  This means that code like
          foreach(i RANGE 1000000)
      accumulates storage for the function call scope snapshots.
      Fix this by partially reverting commit v3.4.0-rc1~378^2 and saving the
      entire call stack during cmListFileBacktrace construction.  This way
      we can avoid keeping short-lived scope snapshot storage in all cases.
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      cmState: Add Snapshot method to get bottom of call stack · 18b6676b
      Brad King authored
      The bottom of the call stack is always a long-lived snapshot and can be
      saved for later use with cmOutputConverter.
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      Add call stack to unused/uninitialized variable warnings · 2faa8b36
      Brad King authored
      In commit v2.8.4~32^2~14 (Use cmake::IssueMessage for warnings,
      2010-12-07) these warnings became formatted.  It is more informative to
      give the full call stack with such warnings.  Also it is easier to
      implement warnings with a full call stack because we do not have to
      construct a custom backtrace with only the top.
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      cmLocalGenerator: Simplify IssueMessage implementation · da07c506
      Brad King authored
      This method was added by commit v3.4.0-rc1~424^2~6 (cmLocalGenerator:
      Add IssueMessage method, 2015-06-13) in order to reduce callers'
      dependency on cmMakefile.  Currently the implementation of
      cmLocalGenerator::IssueMessage is just a copy of the post-configure code
      path in cmMakefile::IssueMessage.  De-duplicate the implementation by
      simply calling the cmMakefile copy for now.  This will simplify upcoming
      refactoring of backtraces.  The dependency on cmMakefile can be removed
      by future work once that is done.
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      CMake 3.5.2 · 80bcbe2d
      Brad King authored