1. 05 Jan, 2009 7 commits
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      ENH: Re-enable new 'testing' test mode · b5f3d4be
      Brad King authored
      This fixes selection of a configuration when none is specified to find
      an available configuration of the ctest test-command.
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      BUG: Capture cout and cerr from internal ctest · 2703d51b
      Brad King authored
      When CTest detects that a test is running its own executable it
      optimizes the test by using an internal instance of cmCTest instead of
      creating a new process.  However, the internal instance was using cout
      and cerr directly.  This redirects the output to a string stream to
      avoid direct display of the internal test's output.
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      COMP: Fix installation of cmake-gui by CMake 2.4 · 86aeefc7
      Brad King authored
      When CMake 2.4 generates the build tree for CMake itself it asks the
      built CMake to install itself using the rules that 2.4 generated.  Since
      the install rules use undocumented commands that are not compatible from
      2.4 to 2.6 we need a special case to avoid failure.  This sets a special
      indicator variable in the install rules that enables a compatibility
      hack to support the old install rule format.
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      ENH: Refactor internal file(INSTALL) arg parsing · e2fa035c
      Brad King authored
      The internal file(INSTALL) command argument parsing used several
      booleans with at most one set to true at a time to track argument
      parsing state.  This refactors it to use one enumeration.
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      BUG: Remove old get_target_property docs · 024aa044
      Brad King authored
      The get_target_property command contained some outdated documentation of
      the LOCATION and TYPE properties.  This removes it since they are now
      documented in the properties list section of the documentation.
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      ENH: Enable LOCATION property for imported targets · d7ddcc21
      Brad King authored
      Previously we left the LOCATION property undefined for imported targets
      since it should no longer be used for non-imported targets.  However, in
      the case we do not know the name of an available imported configuration,
      it is more readable to get the LOCATION property than LOCATION_<CONFIG>
      for a bogus configuration <CONFIG>.  This enables LOCATION for imported
      targets and returns an unspecified available imported configuration.
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · 57dd0d95
      Brad King authored
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      ENH: Add the update step in between download and build. Add UPDATE_ARGS and... · 468c9e25
      David Cole authored
      ENH: Add the update step in between download and build. Add UPDATE_ARGS and UPDATE_COMMAND handling. Output a -complete sentinel in synch with the -install sentinel, but do not list it as an OUTPUT of the custom command. That breaks the chaining of add_custom_commands between custom targets, but allows for a file-level dependency expression that will cause proper incremental rebuilds. When earlier targets rebuild, subsequent dependent targets will also rebuild. CVS and SVN update commands are always out-of-date so that they always run to get the latest source. To suppress that behavior on a per-external project basis use an explicit empty string for UPDATE_COMMAND. The source will still be checked out from the repository prior to the update step by the download step.
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      STYLE: fix shadow warning · 690f83b8
      Bill Hoffman authored