1. 03 Nov, 2013 3 commits
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      CMP0022: Update target_link_libraries plain signature documentation · b51696f0
      Brad King authored
      Make the documentation change made by commit ef10b87c (CMP0022: Plain
      target_link_libraries must populate link interface, 2013-11-02) in the
      new location for the same documentation.
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      Merge branch 'policy-CMP0022-fixes' into policy-CMP0022-fixes-for-master · 25b7f87e
      Brad King authored
      Resolve conflict in Source/cmTarget.cxx by integrating the changes to
      the internal copy constructor from both sides.  Also resolve a logical
      conflict by dropping the special case for INTERFACE_LIBRARY targets.
      Since cmTarget::SetMakefile already forces CMP0022 to NEW for such
      targets we need no special handling.
      Resolve conflict in Source/cmTargetLinkLibrariesCommand.h by dropping
      the documentation change.  We will make the same change in the new
      location of the same documentation in a separate commit.
      Resolve conflicts in
      by taking the side from the 'policy-CMP0022-fixes' branch.
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      CMP0022: Warn about a given target at most once · 0a561a03
      Brad King authored
      Since cmTarget::ComputeLinkInterface is called separately for each
      "head" target that links a target, the warning we produce when
      CMP0022 is not set could be repeated.  Add explicit logic to allow
      the warning to appear at most once.  Multiple copies of the warning
      for the same target are almost always identical and therefore
      redundant.  In the rare case that two copies of the warning are
      different, the second can appear in a future run after the first
      is fixed.
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