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    • Eric Noulard's avatar
      CPackSTGZ quote here-doc, fix bug10518 · 07bd856b
      Eric Noulard authored
    • Brad King's avatar
      Document target_link_libraries target scope (#11058) · 999ce0aa
      Brad King authored
      The target_link_libraries command requires its first argument to be a
      target in the current directory.  Document this and update the error
      message to be more specific.  While at it, format the error message with
      a call stack.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Make link rule depend on ".def" file (#11014) · 3e279971
      Brad King authored
      When the link command line references a ".def" file the rule should
      depend on it.
      Inspired-By: Eric Huhtala
    • Yaakov Selkowitz's avatar
      Cygwin: Fix release script libncurses search patterns (#10766) · 0f5c711f
      Yaakov Selkowitz authored
      With the switch to upstream ncurses "ABI 6", Cygwin's ncurses has YA ABI
      bump and is now libncurses10.  However, the regex used to determine in
      Utilities/Release/Cygwin/CMakeLists.txt which libncurses is being used
      does not handle multiple-digit ABIs.
      libncurses8 was the first version to be built with libtool and therefore
      contains a hyphen (cygncurses-8.dll).  It was first introduced in 2004,
      so it should be sufficiently old to rely on.  Furthermore, libncurses7
      has a serious flaw in that it completely breaks if rebased.
      Therefore the easiest solution is to only look at the hyphened versions
      and change the regex accordingly.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Normalize add_custom_command OUTPUT names (#10485) · a75a0a14
      Brad King authored
      Previously the OUTPUT arguments of add_custom_command were not
      slash-normalized but those of add_library and add_executable were.
      This caused the example
        add_custom_command(OUTPUT a//b.c ...)
        add_library(... a//b.c ...)
      to fail at build time with "no rule to make a/b.c".  Fix this and modify
      the CustomCommand test to try it.
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · a14a8562
      Kitware Robot authored
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