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      Export: Disallow exported interface includes in src/build tree (#14592). · 783bce29
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Allow directories in the source tree or build tree only if the
      install tree is a subdirectory of the source tree or build tree,
      as appropriate.
      Re-use the test files in the RunCMake.include_directories test
      to run in multiple scenarios.  Bump the required CMake version
      in the test to 3.0 to ensure that the new policy warnings are
      emitted correctly.
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      cmTarget: Add all sources traced from custom commands at once. · 4f1c71fd
      Stephen Kelly authored
      The AddSource method accepts one file and tries to avoiding adding
      it to the sources-list of the target if it already exists.  This
      involves creating many cmSourceFileLocation objects for matching
      on existing files, which is an expensive operation.
      Avoid the searching algorithm by appending the new sources as one
      group.  Generate-time processing of source files will ensure
      Add a new AddTracedSources for this purpose.  The existing
      AddSources method must process the input for policy CMP0049, but
      as these source filenames come from cmSourceFile::GetFullPath(),
      we can forego that extra processing.
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      cmTarget: Short-circuit language computation if context independent. · b1c3ae33
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Computing the language involves computing the source files, which
      is an expensive operation.  It requires calling
      cmMakefile::GetOrCreateSource many times, which involves creating
      and matching on many cmSourceFileLocation objects.
      Source files of a target may depend on the head-target and the
      config as of commit e6971df6 (cmTarget: Make the source files depend
      on the config., 2014-02-13).  The results are cached for each context
      as of commit c5b26f3b (cmTarget: Cache the cmSourceFiles in
      GetSourceFiles., 2014-04-05).
      Each target in the build graph causes language computation of all
      of its dependents with itself as the head-target.  This means that
      for 'core' libraries on which everything depends, the source files
      are computed once for every transitive target-level-dependee and
      the result is not cached because the head-target is different. This
      was observed in the VTK buildsystem.
      Short circuit the computation for targets which have a source-list
      that is independent of the head-target.  If the source-list has
      already been computed and the generator expression evaluation
      reports that it was context-independent, return the only source-list
      already cached for the target.  Reset the short-circuit logic when
      sources are added and when the link libraries are re-computed.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 8512bb4f
      Kitware Robot authored
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