1. 09 Dec, 2015 4 commits
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      Merge topic 'detect-cray-wrappers' · ad1be6ee
      Brad King authored
      a7ef0225 Cray: Refactor the Cray platform files to use compiler wrapper checks
      0763a836 Cray: Add macro tests to detect the Cray compiler wrappers
      5eaac0c9 Compiler: Add infrastructure for detecting compiler wrappers
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      Merge topic 'cpack-rpm-percomponent-group-and-name' · 27ed820c
      Brad King authored
      27e6f74f CPack: Added tests for package name and group controll fields
      c926efa1 CPackRPM: Configure RPM package group and name per component
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      Cray: Refactor the Cray platform files to use compiler wrapper checks · a7ef0225
      Chuck Atkins authored
      This is an extensive refactoring of the Cray compiler wrapper usage.
      Using the new compiler wrapper checks, the CrayPrgEnv info files have
      been moved from Platform/ to Compiler/.  The adjusted naming convention
      allows the compiler-wrapper information files to be loaded for both the
      CrayLinuxEnvironment platform when cross-compiling and the Linux
      platform if building natively on the Cray compute nodes.  It also
      creates a separation of common arguments for compiler id and language
      information used to perform the appropriate introspection of implicit
      arguments and libraries used by the compiler wrappers based on the
      loaded module environment.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 3a824a96
      Kitware Robot authored
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