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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · ba845242
      Brad King authored
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      ENH: Use new cpack_add_component macro (and friends) from the CPackComponents... · a02bf862
      David Cole authored
      ENH: Use new cpack_add_component macro (and friends) from the CPackComponents test. Thanks again to Doug Gregor!
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      ENH: Further refinement of the CPack components functionality from Doug Gregor. · 83ec8c35
      David Cole authored
       - New cpack_add_component, cpack_add_component_group, and
      cpack_add_install_type "commands" defined as macros in the CPack
       - Documentation for all of the variables and commands in the CPack module.
       - Added get_cmake_property(... COMPONENTS) to CMake to ask for the
      names of all components. Used in the CPack module to automatically
      build component-based installers. (Set CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL to
      turn off component-based installation).
       - A group can declare its PARENT_GROUP, to build an arbitrary
      hierarchy of groups.
       - New CPack command cpack_configure_downloads, which creates an
      installer that downloads only the selected components on-the-fly.
      Those components marked DOWNLOADED will be separate packages
      downloaded on-the-fly (or, all packages can be marked as such with the
      ALL option to cpack_configure_downloads). Individual components are
      compressed with ZIP at installer-creation time and
      downloaded/uncompressed by the installer as needed. This feature is
      only available on Windows with NSIS at the moment.
       - NSIS installers can install themselves and enable the "Change"
      button in Add/Remove programs, allowing users to go back and install
      or remove components. This can be disabled through
      cpack_configure_downloads, because it's only really useful is most of
      the application's functionality is in downloaded components.
       - Bug fix: automatically install everything whose COMPONENT was not
      specified (it's a hidden, required group)
       - Bug fix: fixed removal of components when re-running the NSIS
      installer and unchecking components
       - Bug fix: NSIS installers now only install/remove the minimal
      number of files when re-run to update the installation (or by clicking
      "Change" in Add/Remove programs)
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