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  1. 21 Apr, 2012 1 commit
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      CPack/NSIS: Add CPACK_NSIS_EXTRA_PREINSTALL_COMMANDS (#13085) · aa8acea3
      David Cole authored
      Allows custom NSIS commands to run prior to any installation
      actions. Projects that need to run an uninstaller first,
      especially one from a non-NSIS previous revision of a project
      that is NOW using CPack and NSIS, may do so by putting custom
      NSIS commands into this variable.
      Inspired-by: David Golub
  2. 01 Feb, 2012 1 commit
    • Mattias Helsing's avatar
      CPack: Fix NSIS handling of privileged users (#12923) · c4a0bcea
      Mattias Helsing authored
      When using the NSIS generator from CPack the file NSIS.template.in is
      used to generate a project.nsi file for NSIS to process.  The file
      consists code in the NSIS scripting language.  Among other functions
      there is an onInit function the initializes the installer.  The function
      (tries to) recognise admin and power users but fails since NSIS
      scripting language relative includes the jump from the current command
      so +3 means "run the third command after this one", so a failed check
      for admin completely skips the check for a power user and goes directly
      to "done:".
      User permission lookup was added in initial NSIS support by commit
      a11b9a4c (Merge from CPack branch, 2006-01-01).  Later commit b1b052fd
      (Several changes to for NSIS, 2006-03-01) added a line inside a block
      that should be skipped by a jump without updating the jump length.
      Update the jump length to correct the behavior.
  3. 29 Jul, 2011 1 commit
    • Clinton Stimpson's avatar
      CPack/NSIS: Fix reinstall and multiple install issues when using components. · e6d2bcfd
      Clinton Stimpson authored
      Fix NSIS template to more thoroughly use CPACK_PACKAGE_INSTALL_REGISTRY_KEY.
      This allows different versions of software to have a separate sections in the
      registry to keep track of things (installed components, and uninstall stuff).
      Change default of CPACK_PACKAGE_INSTALL_REGISTRY_KEY to follow the value of
      CPACK_PACKAGE_INSTALL_DIRECTORY so if an installation overwrites another installation,
      the proper registry entries are more likely to be overwritten.
      Fix CPack/NSIS generator to not insert code in the NSIS template to skip installation
      of already installed components.  This enables a repair like behavior and also enables
      installing patch releases on top of an older installation.
  4. 11 Jan, 2011 1 commit
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      CPack: Add CPACK_NSIS_INSTALL_ROOT variable (#9148) · 5a9e8e70
      David Cole authored
      Control the root directory of the default directory presented to
      the end user of an NSIS installer by a CPack variable.
      Previously, the value used in the NSIS script was $PROGRAMFILES,
      which is equivalent to the "ProgramFiles" environment variable.
      That default value is still the same, but now a project may
      override the value by setting this new variable.
  5. 06 Jan, 2011 1 commit
    • Mike McQuaid's avatar
      Add CPack NSIS MUI_FINISHPAGE_RUN support (#11144) · bee514c3
      Mike McQuaid authored
      MUI_FINISHPAGE_RUN is frequently used with NSIS and provides a checkbox
      on the finish page of an installer which specifies whether the specified
      executable should be run when the installer exits. This commit adds support
      for this setting in CPack.
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  9. 15 Dec, 2009 1 commit
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      Fix issue #9011 - eliminate unnecessary uses of CPACK_PACKAGE_INSTALL_DIRECTORY. · ece03cad
      David Cole authored
      Replace them with CPACK_PACKAGE_NAME. The registry keys involved in this commit are used by Windows to track things in the Add/Remove programs portion of the Control Panel. With '\' characters in the keyname, the calls do not do what they are intended to do and the installed program never shows up in the control panel view. (Details noted in the issue itself.) Thanks to 'killerfox' for the patch.
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  15. 16 Jul, 2009 1 commit
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      BUG: Re-fix issue #8682. Use new variable CPACK_NSIS_PACKAGE_NAME in... · 85733c17
      David Cole authored
      BUG: Re-fix issue #8682. Use new variable CPACK_NSIS_PACKAGE_NAME in appropriate places rather than CPACK_NSIS_DISPLAY_NAME. CPACK_NSIS_DISPLAY_NAME is the Add/Remove control panel's description string for the installed package. Using it as the "Name" of the NSIS installer package made the CMake installer itself use really long strings in the installer GUI. This fix still allows for the original intent of the first fix for #8682 -- the ability to separate the installer name from the default install directory, but it uses a new/different variable to achieve the separation.
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  23. 08 Jul, 2008 1 commit
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      ENH: Further refinement of the CPack components functionality from Doug Gregor. · 83ec8c35
      David Cole authored
       - New cpack_add_component, cpack_add_component_group, and
      cpack_add_install_type "commands" defined as macros in the CPack
       - Documentation for all of the variables and commands in the CPack module.
       - Added get_cmake_property(... COMPONENTS) to CMake to ask for the
      names of all components. Used in the CPack module to automatically
      build component-based installers. (Set CPACK_MONOLITHIC_INSTALL to
      turn off component-based installation).
       - A group can declare its PARENT_GROUP, to build an arbitrary
      hierarchy of groups.
       - New CPack command cpack_configure_downloads, which creates an
      installer that downloads only the selected components on-the-fly.
      Those components marked DOWNLOADED will be separate packages
      downloaded on-the-fly (or, all packages can be marked as such with the
      ALL option to cpack_configure_downloads). Individual components are
      compressed with ZIP at installer-creation time and
      downloaded/uncompressed by the installer as needed. This feature is
      only available on Windows with NSIS at the moment.
       - NSIS installers can install themselves and enable the "Change"
      button in Add/Remove programs, allowing users to go back and install
      or remove components. This can be disabled through
      cpack_configure_downloads, because it's only really useful is most of
      the application's functionality is in downloaded components.
       - Bug fix: automatically install everything whose COMPONENT was not
      specified (it's a hidden, required group)
       - Bug fix: fixed removal of components when re-running the NSIS
      installer and unchecking components
       - Bug fix: NSIS installers now only install/remove the minimal
      number of files when re-run to update the installation (or by clicking
      "Change" in Add/Remove programs)
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