1. 02 Apr, 2014 2 commits
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      Do not warn by default when policy CMP0025 or CMP0047 is not set · a41c0a9d
      Brad King authored
      These policies are triggered by the use of a particular compiler rather
      than outdated CMake code in a project.  Avoid warning in every project
      that enables a language by not displaying the policy warning by default.
      Add variable CMAKE_POLICY_WARNING_CMP<NNNN> to control the warning
      explicitly; otherwise enable the warning with --debug-output or --trace.
      This breaks with strict policy convention because it does not provide
      developers with any warning about the behavior change by default.
      Existing projects will continue to build without a warning or change in
      behavior.  When a developer changes the minimum required version of
      CMake in a project to a sufficiently high value (3.0), the project will
      suddenly get the new compiler id and may break, but at least the
      breakage comes with a change to the project rather than the version of
      CMake used to build it.
      Breaking strict policy convention is worthwhile in this case because
      very few projects will be affected by the behavior change but every
      project would have to see the warning if it were enabled by default.
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      Help: Revise and format policy CMP0025 and CMP0047 docs · d339653e
      Brad King authored
      Add inline reST markup as appropriate.  Word CMP0047 docs more like
      those of CMP0025.  State explicitly that the policies must be set
      before the project or enable_language command calls.
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