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      cmTarget: Fix listing of source files at configure-time. · b8af2011
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Since commit e5da9e51 (cmTarget: Allow any generator expression in
      SOURCES property., 2014-03-18), source files are computed by
      true evaluation of generator expressions, including TARGET_OBJECTS.
      This evaluation requires the presence of cmGeneratorTarget objects
      since commit bf98cc25 (Genex: Evaluate TARGET_OBJECTS as a normal
      expression., 2014-02-26).
      Ensure that we don't attempt to evaluate the TARGET_OBJECTS generator
      expression at configure-time, as can happen if CMP0024 or CMP0026
      are OLD.  Use old-style parsing of the source item to extract
      object target names in that case.
      Avoid calling GetProperty("SOURCES") to bypass warnings from CMP0051.
      Refactor existing logic in GetLanguages which is similar in intent to
      the new GetSourceFiles code.