1. 28 Sep, 2016 9 commits
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      project: Fix support for explicit RC language · 9c5238df
      Brad King authored
      The check added in commit v3.6.0-rc1~293^2 (Diagnose recursive
      project/enable_language without crashing, 2016-03-07) broke support for
      enabling `RC` explicitly along with other languages like `C`.  The
      reason is that we enable all listed languages at once so the internal
      `enable_language(RC)` that we do while enabling `C` or `CXX` on some
      platforms triggers the recursion check if `RC` is explicitly listed.
      Ideally we should refactor things to only enable one language at a time,
      but for now it is simplest to just exclude `RC` from the explicit list
      until other languages are enabled, and then enable it.
      Closes: #16330
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      Tests: Decide earlier whether to test resources · 40c04821
      Brad King authored
      Provide a CMake_TEST_RESOURCES variable storing the decision.
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      Merge topic 'win64-binary-docs' · 8f25f376
      Brad King authored
      93300f36 Utilities/Release: Add html docs to Windows 64-bit binary
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      Utilities/Release: Add html docs to Windows 64-bit binary · 93300f36
      Brad King authored
      The 64-bit Windows binary is built in our second batch because it is
      built on the same host as the 32-bit Windows binary.  When the
      documentation generation was first added, it was not included in the
      second batch because at the time that batch only included the Cygwin
      binary.  Therefore the 64-bit Windows binary has been missing the
      documentation since it was first created for CMake 3.6.
      Since then the Cygwin binary was dropped so the second batch only
      contains the 64-bit Windows binary.  Add the docs to it.
      Closes: #16333
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      Merge topic 'simplify-license-notices' · c1f97af6
      Brad King authored
      19671831 Help: Update cmake-developer(7) module license docs for new notice
      756169ac Tests: Update ModuleNotices test for new notice
      845d86bc Utilities/Scripts: Remove temporary script that filtered license notices
      86578ecc Simplify CMake per-source license notices
      b7180cfe Utilities/Scripts: Add temporary script to filter license notices
      7feb4ecc Copyright.txt: Add notice of copyright by contributors
      78f77f60 Utilities/KWStyle: Remove unused header check reference file
      681e0429 Tests: Fix RunCMake.CTest output match to tolerate line number changes
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      Merge topic 'GNUInstallDirs-more-BSD' · 8021f640
      Brad King authored
      956054ae GNUInstallDirs: All *BSDs use ${PREFIX}/{man,info} for man and info pages
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      Merge topic 'findjni' · a71a172e
      Brad King authored
      59eb75d9 FindJNI: Add aarch32 path on arm
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      Merge topic 'silent-nsis-installs' · cd89d199
      Brad King authored
      cb8db285 CPack/NSIS: Fix silent NSIS installs
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 9a9b9d44
      Kitware Robot authored
  2. 27 Sep, 2016 26 commits
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