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    • Brad King's avatar
      VS10: Fix external objects generated outside target (#13047) · b291d9e7
      Brad King authored
      Commit 9a6ff950 (Fix for bug where VS2010 did not use .obj files,
      2011-04-01) assumed that if an external object is GENERATED that it is
      the output of a custom command in the current target.  If it is
      generated by another target then VS will not automatically include the
      external object in the current target.  This bug was preserved by the
      refactoring in the parent commit.
      Instead use <None> for external objects generated by a custom command in
      the current target and <Object> for all other external objects.  Update
      the ExternalOBJ test to cover this case.
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · f7533740
      Kitware Robot authored
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    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      find_package: allow <pkg>Config.cmake to set <pkg>_FOUND to FALSE · 16c0c737
      Alexander Neundorf authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      Before, find_package in Config mode always set Foo_FOUND to true if the
      Config file has been found and could be executed.
      If the Config file itself detected some problem, like a missing dependency,
      it did not have a way to signal to the outside that the package is not working.
      With this patch, if a Config file sets Foo_FOUND to FALSE, this is taken into
      account and not overridden.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Build object library targets in VS · 3a53005f
      Brad King authored
      Treat OBJECT libraries as STATIC libraries.  The VS project file format
      provides no way to avoid running the librarian so hide the resulting
      .lib away next to the object files as it should never be referenced.
      The object files will be left behind for reference by other targets