1. 18 Sep, 2009 2 commits
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  3. 16 Sep, 2009 17 commits
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      Fix typo in name · bf9a561c
      Bill Hoffman authored
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      Major improvement of the generated targets in Eclipse. · 298de437
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      Before this change all targets were displayed in the top level directory of
      the project. Now the targets are displayed in the correct directory.
      The targets "clean" and "all" are now created in every subdirectory.
      Also now the targets for just compiling one file, preprocessing one file,
      assembling one file are are created for Eclipse.
      Additionally all targets get a prefix now in eclipse, so that they are
      sorted in a way which makes sense (global targets first, then executable and
      libraries, then object files, then preprocessed, then assembly). Also
      this prefix gives the user a hint what the target is, i.e. whether it's a
      library or an executable or something else.
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      Create CMake.ConfigureFile test for configure_file · 229b67a2
      Brad King authored
      This test checks that configure_file() handles input and output file
      arguments as documented.
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      Teach configure_file to handle directory names · 6e8aeba4
      Brad King authored
      This commit teaches configure_file how to handle directories for input
      and output.  It is an error if the input is a directory.  If the output
      is a directory we put the configured copy of the input file in it with
      the same name.  See issue #9537.
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      Teach configure_file to handle relative paths · 700cdf39
      Brad King authored
      The configure_file() command now converts relative output paths to full
      paths using the current binary directory.  Input relative paths were
      already converted using the current source directory, but this behavior
      was not previously documented.
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      Fix typo in cmConfigureFileCommand ivar name · dda0da8b
      Brad King authored
      Rename 'OuputFile' to 'OutputFile'.
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      Factor out CMake.File test result check for re-use · d23d268e
      Brad King authored
      The CMake.File test runs several scripts through "cmake -P" and checks
      the output and result against known good values.  This commit factors
      out the checking code into a separate CMakeCheckTest module.  The module
      may be used by new tests.
    • Alexander Neundorf's avatar
      Put compiler defined macros into eclipse project files · 9d967ed4
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      Now gcc is queried also for the builtin definitions, and they are then added
      to the .cproject file. This should make the preprocessor highlighting in
      eclipse work better (#9272)
      Patch mostly from Miguel.
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      Bug #9476, add more search paths for jni. · 72f524ef
      Bill Hoffman authored
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Fix XL C++ compiler flags on Linux · b5e558e2
      Brad King authored
      In Platform/Linux.cmake we add GNU flags as default for the platform
      which breaks non-GNU compilers.  Later we should refactor these flag
      files to put compiler-specific flags only in files loaded for each
      compiler.  Until then this commit fixes the XL C++ compiler flags on
      Linux by erasing the GNU flags.  See issue #9469.
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      Fix uninitialized errors. · 932dac93
      Bill Hoffman authored
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      Generate proper Intel Fortran project version · 2006e4a4
      Brad King authored
      The Intel Visual Fortran compiler plugin for MS Visual Studio may be one
      of several versions of the Intel compiler.  This commit teaches CMake to
      detect the plugin version and set the version number in .vfproj files.
      See issue #9169.
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      Create VS generator GetRegistryBase method · 09e398fa
      Brad King authored
      This method returns the registry key
      A protected GetIDEVersion method retrieves the version-specific part of
      the key name.
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      Test add_subdirectory inside function · 33207a9a
      Brad King authored
      This commit teaches the FunctionTest to check variable scope behavior
      when a subdirectory is added inside a function call.  Any PARENT_SCOPE
      sets in the subdirectory should affect only the function scope which
      called add_subdirectory and not its parent scope.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Initialize directory scope with closure of parent · 24861459
      Brad King authored
      The commit "Improve dynamic variable scope implementation" optimized
      function scopes using an efficient parent scope pointer.  However, the
      parent scope used to initialize a new directory might not exist later
      (like add_subdirectory called inside a function of the parent scope).
      This caused CMake to crash when following the dangling pointer to the
      original parent scope.
      We fix the problem in this commit by always computing the closure of the
      parent scope at directory initialization time so that no parent scope
      pointer is needed.  See issue #9538.
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      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · 2c8e929a
      Kitware Robot authored
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