1. 05 Oct, 2009 15 commits
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      Add '#!/bin/sh' to cygwin-package.sh · 82c8b48c
      Brad King authored
      This commit adds '#!/bin/sh' to the top of the cygwin-package.sh.in
      script.  All executable interpreted scripts should have this directive.
      Patch from Modestas Vainius.  See issue #9659.
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      Fix permsissions of installed SquishRunTestCase.sh · 3b7e46b2
      Brad King authored
      This commit fixes permissions of Modules/SquishRunTestCase.sh after
      installation.  Previously install() removed executable permissions.
      Patch from Modestas Vainius.  See issue #9659.
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      Fix module docs to be manpage (groff) friendly · 282b4e37
      Brad King authored
      Most problems are fixed (or rather worked-around) by making long '====='
      separators pre-formatted (i.e. prefixed with two spaces).  In order to
      preserve visual view, the code examples themselves are prefixed with 3
      This commit fixes the following man warnings:
      $ cmake --help-man - | LANG=C MANWIDTH=80 man --warnings -l - > /dev/null
        <standard input>:6024: warning [p 105, 1.7i]: can't break line
        <standard input>:6027: warning [p 105, 2.7i]: cannot adjust line
        <standard input>:6027: warning [p 105, 2.8i]: can't break line
        <standard input>:7142: warning [p 117, 7.8i]: can't break line
        <standard input>:7171: warning [p 117, 11.8i]: can't break line
        <standard input>:8878: warning [p 136, 9.0i]: can't break line
        <standard input>:8887: warning [p 136, 11.5i]: cannot adjust line
        <standard input>:8887: warning [p 136, 11.7i]: can't break line
        <standard input>:8904: warning [p 136, 14.2i]: can't break line
      Patch from Modestas Vainius.  See issue #9659.
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      Support GNU/kFreeBSD · 451d68b7
      Brad King authored
      GNU/kFreeBSD = FreeBSD kernel + userspace with glibc.  Linux.cmake
      doesn't contain anything too OS specific, so we can forward to it.
      Here are outputs of /bin/uname on author's machine:
        uname -p ==> i386
        uname -o ==> GNU/kFreeBSD
        uname -s ==> GNU/kFreeBSD
        uname -r ==> 5.4-1-686
      Patch from Modestas Vainius.  See issue #9659.
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      Remove old Encoding field from CMake.desktop · 4e1d6102
      Brad King authored
      The Encoding key is now deprecated by the FreeDesktop standard and all
      strings are required to be encoded in UTF-8.  This desktop entry
      explicitly specified an Encoding of UTF-8, which is harmless but no
      longer necessary.  See
      for details.  Patch from Modestas Vainius.  See issue #9659.
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      FindQt3: Prefer (moc|uic)-qt3 names over (moc|uic) · a0e63cff
      Brad King authored
      On Debian moc and uic from Qt3 have '-qt3' suffixes.  The latter names
      might come from Qt4, so prefer the version-specific names.
      Patch from Modestas Vainius.  See issue #9659.
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      Remove old license from FindPkgConfig.cmake module · 94073399
      Brad King authored
      This module was contributed under a BSD-like license.  We added CMake's
      OSI-approved BSD License on top of it.  With the author's permission,
      this commit removes the old license text and puts the author's copyright
      notice in the block referring to the new license.
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      Test target link information invalidation · 750eb105
      Brad King authored
      We test this by adding export(TARGETS) to the LinkLanguage test to
      export the executable before the library is linked to it.  Since
      export(TARGETS) computes the link interface of the target (so that it
      can export it), this ensures that the information is recomputed after
      the link library is added.
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      Invalidate target link info when necessary · 0fb5b2c8
      Brad King authored
      In cmTarget we compute the link implementation, link interface, and link
      closure structures on-demand and cache the results.  This commit teaches
      cmTarget to invalidate results after a LINK_INTERFACE_* property changes
      or a new link library is added.  We also clear the results at the end of
      the Configure step to ensure the Generate step uses up-to-date results.
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      Combine duplicate code in target property methods · daa2f3aa
      Brad King authored
      In cmTarget::SetProperty and cmTarget::AppendProperty we check whether
      changing the property invalidates cached information.  The check was
      duplicated in the two methods, so this commit moves the check into a
      helper method called from both.
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      Create explicit cmTarget::FinishConfigure step · 78f08116
      Brad King authored
      This method is called during ConfigureFinalPass on every target.  It
      gives each target a chance to do some final processing after it is known
      that no more commands will affect it.  Currently we just call the old
      AnalyzeLibDependencies that used to be called directly.
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      Remove unused cmTarget::AddLinkLibrary method · 847875be
      Brad King authored
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      KWSys Nightly Date Stamp · b783fbd0
      Kitware Robot authored
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