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      cmGlobalGenerator: Add ComputeHomeRelativeOutputPath method. · 0efe4944
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Fix generation of tgt/fast build targets.
      Commit 363caa2f (cmLocalGenerator: De-virtualize Configure().,
      2015-05-30) moved the computation of HomeRelativeOutputPath from
      Configure-time to Generate-time, because it is only used at
      Generate-time.  However, that commit caused the member for one
      local generator to be computed immediately before generating with
      that local generator, whereas previously the members of all local
      generators were computed before generating any of them.
      The HomeRelativeOutputPath is used by the GetRelativeTargetDirectory
      method, which is called by the
      cmGlobalUnixMakefileGenerator3::WriteConvenienceRules method.  That
      method is called by the
      cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3::WriteLocalMakefile method when generating
      for the top-most (ie, the first) local generator.  At that point,
      the HomeRelativeOutputPath is not yet computed.
      Fix that by computing the member just before generating anything.
      This will eventually be done in the cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3
      constructor instead, but further refactoring is needed to make
      that possible.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 98133d3d
      Kitware Robot authored
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      cmake: Fix --build <relative-dir> for VS generators (#15609) · 90ad087a
      Brad King authored
      The VS >= 10 generators need to parse the .sln file from the build
      directory to locate targets in subdirectories.  This occurs after we
      change the working directory to the build tree.  If a relative directory
      other than "." was given then we would change to it and also refer to
      the .sln file location with it.  Fix this by converting the build tree
      to a full path always.  This will also give a more informative error
      message when the directory does not exist.
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      ctest_update: Fix RETURN_VALUE on VCS tool failure (#15610) · 493388ce
      Brad King authored
      Make RETURN_VALUE report -1 if the update command failed as the
      documentation claims.  Also avoid reporting a ctest script-level failure
      if the update command fails because we still correctly administered the
      update step.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 07ee7bac
      Kitware Robot authored
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