1. 09 Sep, 2016 3 commits
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  4. 06 Sep, 2016 13 commits
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      CPack: include what you use · d47c7bf6
      Daniel Pfeifer authored
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      install: Fix computed import prefix in export files when it is "/" · 290e4ce8
      Ben Keller authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
      When exporting from a project (with install(EXPORT ...)), the
      `<PROJECT>Targets.cmake` file contains logic for computing the
      `_IMPORT_PREFIX` from its own location.  This `_IMPORT_PREFIX` is then
      used in the `<PROJECT>Targets-<config>.cmake` file to generate the
      `IMPORTED_LOCATION_<CONFIG>`.  The generation unconditionally appends a
      "/" to `_IMPORT_PREFIX` before appending the rest of the path.  If
      `_IMPORT_PREFIX` is "/", then the `IMPORTED_LOCATION_<CONFIG>`
      properties all start with exactly two leading slashes ("//").
      Exactly two leading slashes is a special case in POSIX file paths, such
      that its interpretation is left up to the implementation.  This means
      that changing the path prefix from "/" to "//" should not be allowed.
      Since references to `_IMPORT_PREFIX` are always followed by a "/",
      simply check the value to replace "/" with "".
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      cmMakefile: Restore nested error logic use of cmExecutionStatus · f1ad71d7
      Brad King authored
      Since commit 14a8d61f (cmMakefile: Port nested error logic away from
      cmExecutionStatus) we fail to continue processing function and macro
      bodies after non-fatal errors.  A non-fatal error should not stop
      foreach loops, macro bodies, nested bodies, or the outer script.
      Add a test covering these cases, and revert the change to fix them.
      Also revert commit 2af853de (cmMakefile: Simplify IssueMessage
      implementation) because the assertion it added (which was removed by the
      above commit and is restored by reverting it) is incorrect.  We do have
      code paths that call cmMakefile::IssueMessage with an empty execution
      stack, such as in CheckForUnusedVariables's LogUnused call.
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      cmFortranParser: Inject a newline at end-of-file when missing · d28da906
      Brad King authored
      Our parser grammar expects all statements to end in an `EOSTMT` token
      such as a newline.  Ensure that the last statement in a file can be
      parsed even if it is missing a newline.
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      cmFortranParser: Revise indentation style to match rest of CMake · 8c65a501
      Brad King authored
      While at it, remove unused token CPP_TOENDL.
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      cmFortranLexer: Update to flex 2.6 · f70c71c5
      Brad King authored
      Revise the documented modifications we need to make to the
      flex-generated source file according to the needs of the new version.
      Also drop the duplicate copyright notice block from the generated file.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Fortran: Warn when dependency scanning fails to parse a source file · e11cd31f
      Brad King authored
      We expect to handle all relevant statements and ignore those that we do
      not understand.  Warn if this process ever fails.  Otherwise dependency
      information may be silently left out.
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      CPackWIX: Fix incomplete CPACK_WIX_SKIP_PROGRAM_FOLDER implementation · 1bc33257
      Michael Stürmer authored and Nils Gladitz's avatar Nils Gladitz committed
      Commit 17bbf6af (CPackWIX: Implement new CPACK_WIX_SKIP_PROGRAM_FOLDER
      feature) generates GUIDs for most but not all components
      when the feature is active.
      Generate the remaining GUIDs as well.
      Co-Author: Nils Gladitz <nilsgladitz@gmail.com>
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      VS: Update v140 flag tables from VS 15 MSBuild files · a8936656
      Brad King authored
      Run cmparseMSBuildXML.py on cl.xml, lib.xml, link.xml, and masm.xml to
      generate our flag tables:
       python cmparseMSBuildXML.py -x ".../Common7/IDE/VC/VCTargets/1033/cl.xml" > cmVS14CLFlagTable.h
       python cmparseMSBuildXML.py -x ".../Common7/IDE/VC/VCTargets/1033/lib.xml" > cmVS14LibFlagTable.h
       python cmparseMSBuildXML.py -x ".../Common7/IDE/VC/VCTargets/1033/link.xml" > cmVS14LinkFlagTable.h
       python cmparseMSBuildXML.py -x ".../Common7/IDE/VC/VCTargets/BuildCustomizations/masm.xml" > cmVS14MASMFlagTable.h
      Manually integrate the changes with those we've made since earlier
      import to add the new flag mappings.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Features: Record features for VS 15 Preview 4 · 21346d3f
      Brad King authored
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      Help: Clarify meaning of MSVC<NN> variables · a756c74d
      Brad King authored
      They correspond to toolsets, not VS IDE versions.
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      Merge topic 'genex-LINK_ONLY-not-linking' · 8317ea01
      Brad King authored and Kitware Robot's avatar Kitware Robot committed
      f6fd0abc Genex: Diagnose invalid LINK_ONLY usage instead of crashing