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      KWIML: Teach ABI about 'long long' on older GNU · 9fdfe074
      Brad King authored
      Old GNU compilers do not define __SIZEOF_LONG_LONG__ or
      __LONG_LONG_MAX__ but do provide a 64-bit 'long long' type.
      Suggested-by: Rolf Eike Beer's avatarRolf Eike Beer <eike@sf-mail.de>
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      Add API to calculate link-interface-dependent bool properties or error. · 042ecf04
      Stephen Kelly authored
      This new method checks that the property FOO on a target is consistent
      with the INTERFACE_FOO properties of its dependees. If they are not the
      consistent, an error is reported. 'Consistent' means that iff the
      property is set, it must have the same boolean value as all other
      related properties.
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      Keep track of properties used to determine linker libraries. · bf5ece51
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Those properties can't later be implicitly defined by the interface
      of those link libraries.
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      Add the -Wundef flag when compiling CMake. · c7728106
      Stephen Kelly authored
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      Merge topic 'LINK_LIBRARIES-property' · a9f1bf43
      Brad King authored
      76538627 Add LINK_LIBRARIES property for direct target link dependencies
      40cf3fb9 Make linking APIs aware of 'head' target
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      Merge topic 'update-kwsys' · e41d4951
      Brad King authored
      6f6afbd6 Merge branch 'upstream-kwsys' into update-kwsys
      495fa24d KWSys 2013-01-07 (fc60c8b8)
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      Merge topic 'include-dirs-convenience' · 6095e9fd
      Brad King authored
      9ce1b9ef Add CMAKE_BUILD_INTERFACE_INCLUDES build-variable.
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      Merge topic 'qt4-version-openssl' · bc414aeb
      Brad King authored
      4b9ec00d FindQt4: set QT_VERSION_* variables sooner.
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      Merge topic 'vs11-external-object' · 9549ac1d
      Brad King authored
      b684b395 VS11: Simplify external object file handling (#13831)
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      Merge topic 'deprecate-load_command' · af770bc2
      Brad King authored
      09a0da77 Revert "load_command: Deprecate and document pending removal"
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      Add CMAKE_BUILD_INTERFACE_INCLUDES build-variable. · 9ce1b9ef
      Stephen Kelly authored
      This makes
      add the equivalent of
       set_property(TARGET tgt APPEND PROPERTY
      to every target.
      If the headers are in CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR, and the generated headers
      are in CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR, this is a convenient way to build a target
      bar, which depends on foo, just by using target_link_libraries() and adding
      being linked. There will be more-convenient porcelain API to consume the
      property in the future.
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      Allow target_link_libraries with IMPORTED targets. · 9cfe4f1b
      Stephen Kelly authored
      This makes it possible to use:
       target_link_libraries(foo LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES bar)
      where foo is an IMPORTED target. Other tll() signatures are not
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      Add LINK_LIBRARIES property for direct target link dependencies · 76538627
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Previously we kept direct link dependencies in OriginalLinkLibraries.
      The property exposes the information in the CMake language through the
      get/set_property commands.  We preserve the OriginalLinkLibraries value
      internally to support old APIs like that for CMP0003's OLD behavior, but
      the property is now authoritative.  This follows up from commit d5cf644a
      (Split link information processing into two steps, 2012-11-01).
      This will be used later to populate the link interface properties when
      exporting targets, and will later allow use of generator expressions
      when linking to libraries with target_link_libraries.
      Also make targets depend on the (config-specific) union of dependencies.
      CMake now allows linking to dependencies or not depending on the config.
      However, generated build systems are not all capable of processing
      config-specific dependencies, so the targets depend on the union of
      dependencies for all configs.
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      Make linking APIs aware of 'head' target · 40cf3fb9
      Stephen Kelly authored
      The 'head' is the dependent target to be linked with the current target.
      It will be used to evaluate generator expressions with proper handling
      of mapped configurations and is used as the source target of properties.
      This requires that memoization is done with a key of a pair of target
      and config, instead of just config, because now the result also depends
      on the target.  Removing the memoization entirely is not an option
      because it slows cmake down considerably.
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      KWSys 2013-01-07 (fc60c8b8) · 495fa24d
      Kitware Robot authored
      Extract upstream KWSys using the following shell commands.
      $ git archive --prefix=upstream-kwsys/ fc60c8b8 | tar x
      $ git shortlog --no-merges --abbrev=8 --format='%h %s' 8ce09af5..fc60c8b8
      Brad King (3):
            cb5f835f SystemTools: Fix MakeDirectory with colon in path
            1643507a IOStream: Fix check for compiler 'long long' support
            34177aec SystemTools: Fix MakeDirectory after recent cleanup
      Rolf Eike Beer (24):
            4da9894d SystemInformation: Clean up QuerySolarisInfo()
            01392358 SystemInformation: don't attribute i386 Solaris systems to Sun
            3db65ac1 SystemInformation: wrap the call to CPUID in a function
            61bd9b42 SystemInformation: use the __cpuid compiler intrinsic if present
            5932e7c0 SystemInformation: query memory size on Cygwin using sysconf()
            ea5612ed SystemInformation: count memory with _SC_PAGESIZE and _SC_PHYS_PAGES
            3aca6642 SystemInformation: query memory size, CPU count, and CPU speed on BSD
            3572c54d SystemInformation: count CPUs on HP-UX
            e6771b34 SystemInformation: determine CPU type on HP-UX
            640210e5 SystemInformation: use /proc/cpuinfo only when present
            5bdcfd10 SystemInformation: query total memory on AIX
            de69d547 SystemInformation: use intrinsic for RDTSC if supported
            9808d4e7 SystemInformation: get CPU speed on Windows when RDTSC fails
            f4c625b5 tests: avoid truncation of testSystemInformation output in CDash
            03d6fbe5 SystemInformation: get x86 CPU features from /proc/cpuinfo
            f8e917c1 SystemInformation: remove the #define CPUID_INSTRUCTION
            59c4b5c5 SystemInformation: split Windows code out of QueryMemory()
            200ee91f SystemInformation: split HP-UX code out of QueryMemory()
            88217703 SystemInformation: split Linux code out of QueryMemory()
            9e317872 SystemInformation: split AIX code out of QueryMemory()
            349cee5b SystemInformation: remove useless zeroing from QueryMemory()
            7271926e SystemInformation: split Cygwin code out of QueryMemory()
            6da78ad1 SystemInformation: make QueryMemory() return bool
            182179e9 Haiku no longer defines __BEOS__
      Stephen Kelly (1):
            247b8a3c SystemTools: Rename MakeCnidentifier() to MakeCidentifier()
      Change-Id: Ib95b5bddab7ecc0a4025ab29792426acf57e5623
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 97758f29
      Kitware Robot authored
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