1. 12 Nov, 2013 8 commits
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      Configure NSIS-packaged CMake documentation link in Start Menu · 76550297
      Brad King authored
      Now that we use Sphinx to generate the documentation there is a single
      entry point to link from the start menu.  Drop all the (now broken)
      links to the individual html document pages and provide a single link to
      the index.html "CMake Documentation" entry point.
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      Merge topic 'pp-transitive-property-handling' · d3f7fa22
      Brad King authored
      77a0fd51 Genex: Use a preprocessor foreach to follow transitive properties.
      14649336 Genex: Simplify the preprocessor looper for interface properties.
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      Merge topic 'constify' · a4b9adec
      Brad King authored
      dcac9be6 Make accessors for compile-related information const.
      19a8a3c4 cmTarget: Don't finalize include directories in GetIncludeDirectories.
      3305364f cmGlobalGenerator: Rename the FinalizeCompileDefinitions method.
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      Merge topic 'cmake-internal-locations' · a1e22f69
      Brad King authored
      d1526f82 Refactor internal resource location APIs and initialization
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      Merge topic 'test-RunCMake.CMP0037-everywhere' · 298ef433
      Brad King authored
      8c6c1f16 Enable RunCMake.CMP0037 test everywhere
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      Merge topic 'clear-generator-data' · cb4a4686
      Brad King authored
      00055ce7 cmExportSetMap: Override clear() to delete held resources
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      Refactor internal resource location APIs and initialization · d1526f82
      Brad King authored
      Rename cmSystemTools::FindExecutableDirectory to FindCMakeResources.
      Teach it to compute the locations of cmake, ctest, cpack, ccmake, and
      cmake-gui executables, and the location of CMAKE_ROOT.  Provide this
      information from static cmSystemTools::Get<resource>() methods.
      Refactor code that needs these locations to use the new APIs.
      Teach FindCMakeResources to use the OS X system API to lookup the
      executable location.  When running from the CMake build tree itself,
      leave a file in the tree that FindCMakeResources can use to read the
      location of the source tree.  This avoids the need to compile the source
      tree location into a binary that may be installed and used without the
      source tree.
      Teach the QtDialog on OS X to create a "cmake-gui" symlink in the build
      tree next to "cmake" and the other tools, as is already done in the
      install tree for the application bundle.  This ensures a consistent set
      of executables are available in one directory.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 4a762aa3
      Kitware Robot authored
  2. 11 Nov, 2013 2 commits
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      Enable RunCMake.CMP0037 test everywhere · 8c6c1f16
      Brad King authored
      Split the test cases covering spaces and colons into separate units.
      Run the space cases everywhere.  Disable the colon cases where they
      are known to fail.  This approach increases platform coverage for the
      test and makes the known-failure logic as local as possible.
      No Makefile generator on Windows can generate targets with ':'
      in their name because the CMakeFiles/<target>.dir directory cannot
      be created.  Skip this part of the test on all Windows Make tools.
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 13da9f00
      Kitware Robot authored
  3. 10 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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  8. 05 Nov, 2013 1 commit
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      cmAutogen: Gather tool arguments after creating generator targets. · 944277d0
      Stephen Kelly authored
      This change causes the GetLinkInterfaceDependentStringProperty method,
      called in SetupAutoGenerateTarget, after the creation of generator
      targets. In CMake 4.0, the GetLinkInterfaceDependentStringProperty
      will move to the cmGeneratorTarget class, and this patch is a necessary
      prerequisite to that.