1. 31 Jan, 2019 1 commit
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      FindLAPACK: Distinguish check result variable name from FindBLAS · 6f5e4a53
      Brad King authored
      Since commit 192a9182 (FindLAPACK: MKL clean up and fix for windows,
      2013-10-08, v3.0.0-rc1~538^2), FindLAPACK accidentally used FindBLAS's
      `BLAS_` prefix for some of its check results.
      Since commit 5b8f69eb (FindBLAS: Detect implicitly linked BLAS
      library, 2018-08-28, v3.13.0-rc1~150^2~2), FindBLAS stores a check
      result in a plain `BLAS_WORKS` variable.  The typo in FindLAPACK happens
      to cause a collision with that name.
      The typo was already fixed in post-3.13 development as part of other
      work in commit 8b63265e (FindLAPACK: Unify internal variables related
      to MKL, 2018-11-18).  Fix the typo in the 3.13 version of FindLAPACK to
      avoid the collision.  Otherwise it could cause FindLAPACK to incorrectly
      determine that a certain library combination does not work (or
      incrrectly that it works).
      Fixes: #18860
  2. 14 Jan, 2019 2 commits
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      cmake: Ensure source and binary dirs are set · 27eb7c5b
      Craig Scott authored
      If only the source dir is provided, the binary dir is assumed
      to be the working directory. If only the binary dir is provided
      and it doesn't yet have a CMakeCache.txt to provide the
      source dir, then the source dir is assumed to be the working
      directory. This logic was not previously being handled
      correctly when -S and/or -B options were involved.
      Furthermore, when both were missing, no suitable error
      message was provided and an empty string was used for
      the build directory.
      Fixes: #18707
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      cmake: Stop processing if -P option lacks file name · a1adbc72
      Craig Scott authored
      While an error message was being logged, processing was
      continuing nonetheless except with the -P argument omitted.
      This could have allowed unintended effects if the remaining
      arguments formed a valid set of command line options.
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