1. 04 Jun, 2014 2 commits
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      CTest: Generalize Cobertura coverage format handling · 50daf239
      Joe Snyder authored
      Add support for Cobertura coverage files written by Java.
      Add a test which uses the report from a Java run of Cobertura to calculate coverage.
      In the documentation of CTEST_COVERAGE_COMMAND, give a sample .sh file to merge
      the Cobertura .ser files and generate the XML report from the merged file.
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      CTest: Rename coverage implementation for "Python" to "Cobertura" · a2822d30
      Joe Snyder authored
      The coverage.py tool writes out an XML that conforms to the Cobertura
      Coverage tool standard.  Rename the cmParsePythonCoverage files to
      instead be cmParseCoberturaCoverage.
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