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      GoogleTest: Add tests for MultiConfig discovery in PRE_TEST mode · 3b4838b5
      Ryan Thornton authored
      PRE_TEST makes it possible to properly distinguish between test cases
      that exist only in certain configurations.
      In the new test scenario, debug tests are disabled in release builds,
      and release tests are disabled in debug builds
      when a multi config generator is used.
      Note, this is a bit of a hack and *only* works for PRE_TEST mode.
      POST_BUILD makes no attempt to get this right. It preserves the status quo
      and you obtain the tests that were last discovered.
      See further discussion in !4078
      Ideally, the POST_BUILD behavior could be fixed
      by using generator expressions in OUTPUT and BYPRODUCT expressions.
      Then you could do something like:
          set(ctest_include_file "${ctest_file_base}_include-$<CONFIG>.cmake")
          set(ctest_tests_file "${ctest_file_base}_tests-$<CONFIG>.cmake")
      Once #12877
       lands, maybe this can be revisited.
      Co-authored-by: Ryan Thornton's avatarRyan Thornton <ThorntonRyan@JohnDeere.com>
      Co-authored-by: default avatarKevin Puetz <PuetzKevinA@JohnDeere.com>