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      CMake 3.2.0-rc1 version update · cb01f151
      Brad King authored
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      Help: Drop development topic notes to prepare release · 1ac598f5
      Brad King authored
      Release versions do not have the development topic section of
      the CMake Release Notes index page.
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      Merge topic 'rename-release-notes' · 78c4418f
      Brad King authored
      af8d1c17 Help: Rename 3.x.0 release notes to 3.x
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      Help: Rename 3.x.0 release notes to 3.x · af8d1c17
      Brad King authored
      In commit v3.0.0-rc1~9 (Help: Rename 3.0 release notes to 3.0.0,
      2014-02-19) we anticipated the possibility of bugfix-only release notes.
      However, in practice we have no release notes for bug fix releases
      because we do not cover bug fixes in release notes at all, only new
      features.  Instead we've been updating the feature-level release notes
      document in bug fix releases, treating errors in the document as bugs.
      It makes more sense to maintain release notes at the feature-release
      level, so rename the documents accordingly.  Also update the document
      titles and intro text to refer only to feature versions and not bugfix
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      Merge topic 'doc-3.2-relnotes' · f9e05ea0
      Brad King authored
      d81bbc3f Help: Add 3.2 release note for AUTORCC dependency tracking
      0f38d9c2 Help: Add 3.2 release notes for file(GENERATE) features
      0f580e8e Help: Organize and revise 3.2 release notes
      e08a78dc Help: Consolidate 3.2 release notes
      3a4381b6 Help: Add link target to cmake-language.7 encoding section
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      Merge topic 'update-docs' · 02d03182
      Brad King authored
      f9839c49 Help: Document build targets automatically added to console pool.
      44d6f3ce Help: Add some cross-linking.
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      Merge topic 'fix-C-standard-features' · 9042c875
      Brad King authored
      fb3487a9 Features: Fix C90 feature detection.
      6027798a Features: Allow setting standard dialect below the default.
      9d767810 Features: Populate CMAKE_<LANG>_STANDARD_DEFAULT only for supported compilers.
      72537e44 Features: Add dialect compile flags only if default is known.
      82c9d686 AppleClang: Remove redundant UNIX condition.