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    • jonathan molinatto's avatar
      VS: Generalize Win10 max SDK version to all VS generators · 1e67482d
      jonathan molinatto authored
      CMake 3.19 by commit ba497111 (VS: Add option for custom Win10 SDK
      version maximum, 2020-08-20, v3.19.0-rc1~262^2) was documented as if it
      worked for all generators but implemented only to override CMake's
      builtin default for the VS 2015 max SDK version.  Generalize the
      variable to set a custom max SDK version for later VS versions too.
      Fixes: #21720
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    • Robert Maynard's avatar
      ISPC: Generated Headers suffix configurable with a better default · c9a50f35
      Robert Maynard authored
      The target property `ISPC_HEADER_SUFFIX` and associated global
      variable now can control the suffix used when generating the
      C/C++ interoperability ISPC headers.
      In addition the default suffix is now "_ispc.h" which matches the
      common convention that the ISPC compiler team uses and recommends.
  7. 10 Dec, 2020 2 commits
    • Brad King's avatar
      macOS: Offer control over host architecture on Apple Silicon hosts · 5f882f6c
      Brad King authored
      Since commit b6c60f14 (macOS: Default to arm64 architecture on Apple
      Silicon hosts, 2020-09-28, v3.19.0-rc1~63^2) we use `sysctl` to detect
      that we are running on Apple Silicon in a way that pierces Rosetta.
      This always sets `CMAKE_HOST_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR` to be `arm64` on such
      hosts.  However, macOS offers strong support for running processes under
      an emulated `x86_64` architecture.
      Teach CMake to select either `arm64` or `x86_64` as the host
      architecture on Apple Silicon based on the architecture of its own
      process.  When CMake is built as a universal binary, macOS will select
      whichever slice (architecture) is appropriate under the user's shell,
      and `CMAKE_HOST_SYSTEM_PROCESSOR` will match.
      Also offer a `CMAKE_APPLE_SILICON_PROCESSOR` variable and environment
      variable to provide users with explicit control over the host
      architecture selection regardless of CMake's own architecture.
      Finally, if `CMAKE_OSX_ARCHITECTURES` is not set, pass explicit flags to
      the toolchain to use selected host architecture instead of letting the
      toolchain pick.
      Fixes: #21554
    • Brad King's avatar
      ci: update macOS package to produce universal binaries · 56a075eb
      Brad King authored
      Update our deployment target to macOS 10.10.
      This is required by Qt 5.9.
      Fixes: #21565
      Issue: #20825
  8. 22 Nov, 2020 1 commit
    • Raul Tambre's avatar
      CUDA: Clang CUDA 11.1 support · 440dc98b
      Raul Tambre authored
      version.txt is gone from CUDA 11.1 installations, but the rest is the same.
      Instead of looking for version.txt look for <CUDA path>/nvvm/libdevice, which
      is the main thing that Clang requires (though it also checks for the existence
      of bin and include).
      Fixes #21353.
  9. 19 Nov, 2020 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      Revert "specify language flag when source LANGUAGE property is set" · 30aa715f
      Brad King authored
      Revert commit 74b1c9fc (Explicitly specify language flag when source
      LANGUAGE property is set, 2020-06-01, v3.19.0-rc1~722^2) and the lookup
      tables from its two immediate ancestors.  The purpose of that change was
      to convert an explicit `LANGUAGE` source file property into an explicit
      language specification compiler flag like `-x c`.  This seems reasonable
      since the property is documented as meaning "indicate what programming
      language the source file is".  It is also needed to help compilers deal
      with non-standard source file extensions they don't recognize.
      However, some projects have been setting `LANGUAGE C` on `.S` assembler
      source files to mean "use the C compiler".  Passing `-x c` for them
      breaks the build because the `.S` sources are not written in C.  These
      projects should be updated to use `enable_language(ASM)`, for which
      CMake often chooses the C compiler as the assembler when using
      toolchains that support it (which would ha...
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